Souleymane is in a relationship with… (episode 962 + Video)

Here It All Begins episode 962 of Thursday July 4, 2024 – While a series of disturbing events sow discord in Paul’s home, Souleymane, for his part, begins a new love story with a young woman.

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In recent episodes of the series Here it all beginsSouleymane (Dembo Camilo) has fallen under the spell of Cléo (Alice Aviez-Matton), the only daughter of the stewards who work for Paul Garnier. And it seems that this love at first sight is mutual. In one of the scenes of episode 962, broadcast on Monday, July 8, they find themselves alone in the kitchen and indulge in several compliments. Souleymane praises the young woman’s cooking skills, and tells her that she likes the smell of her perfume. But before things go any further, Cléo informs Souleymane that her parents are very strict about her company. To remain as discreet as possible, she therefore suggests to the young man that they meet not far from the villa, in a clearing.

Thus, in an extract broadcast this Tuesday, July 2 on
TF1+we find Souleymane and Cléo face to face, in the middle of nature. If Souleymane seems a little embarrassed by this promiscuity, for her part, the young woman is much more welcoming. While she explains to him that she went through the window of her room to be able to join him without her parents noticing her absence, she brushes the young man’s chest with her hands. Surprised, but very delighted, Souleymane tells her: “You are surprising.” Cleo answers: “And yet, you haven’t seen anything.”then they kiss.

Video Excerpt Here it all begins: New couple

So, will Cleo’s parents discover their daughter’s secret relationship? If so, what will the consequences be? Answer in the rest of the series Here it all begins.



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