Explanation of the end! Who falls from the balcony?


Discover the explanation of the end of Season 1 of El Silencio on Netflix! Spoilers!

El Silencio is available on Netflix! If you want to know the explanation of the end of Season 1 of El Silencioread on! The Silence features multiple characters working in tandem. First up we have Sergio, who spent six years in prison after murdering his parents. To find out where the series was filmed, read this.

There is no video of the crime and Sergio never spoke to the authorities to give them his side of the story. However, the series plays the story as if Sergio was the unsung hero who was dealt an unfair hand, particularly because he claims, in his quest to find his sister Noa, that their parents abused them and used them as scientific experiment.

Then we have Ana, a psychologist who takes a close interest in Sergio’s case. She was tasked with monitoring Sergio 24/7 to determine if he poses a threat to society. However, throughout the series, it’s clear that she has a personal interest that goes beyond science, and that she cares about Sergio more than a lab rat. If you have any questions, here the explanation of the end of Season 1 of El Silencio on Netflix !

El Silencio Season 1 Ending Explained

To the end of Season 1 of El Silencio, Ana had then discovered that Sergio’s mother, Blanca, had drugged him to keep his cool. The videos and other evidence show that Blanca was torturing her son, turning him into a guinea pig to experiment with on her drugs. When his father found out, he confronted Blanca, and their argument ended with his father throwing Blanca out the window. He was so shocked and distraught by his actions that he also jumped out of the window.

This confirms Ana’s theory that Sergio is not a psychopath or a killer. But Noa arrives and reveals that Sergio lied. In fact, Blanca didn’t torture Sergio. On the contrary, she was trying to help him. Sergio had a brilliant mind, but he also had self-control issues. He went into a mad rage and threatened those around him. As a psychiatrist, Blanca decided to treat her son.


To the end of Season 1 of El Silencio, as he hadn’t taken his medication, his rage spiraled out of control and things unfolded just as the cops predicted. Sergio attacked his mother until she fell from the balcony. When his father confronted him, Sergio also threw him off the balcony. Noa witnessed all of this.


To the end of Season 1 of El Silencio, when Noa tells her the truth about who Sergio really is, she hopes Ana will let go of her obsession and come home. However, Ana chooses to stay with Sergio because she went too deep. To the end of Season 1 of El Silencio, we see her walking with Sergio on the balcony. Later, a grainy image shows one person falling from the balcony as the other looks on. We don’t know who pushed whom.

Because it was Sergio who suggested going to the balcony, it’s possible he was the one who pushed Ana. All he wanted was to be with his sister Noa. Recreating his previous crime, Sergio takes Ana to the balcony and pushes her into the void. He knows that he will return to prison and that this time he may not be able to get out.

Another possibility is that Ana pushed Sergio off the balcony. Sergio went to the balcony first and invited Ana to join him. As he said, he had nothing left in his life. The illusion he had that his mother had put his sister in danger is shattered, and Sergio realizes he really is a monster. He doesn’t want to live anymore and jumps off the cliff.

It is also possible that Ana realizes her mistake. So she pushes Sergio off the balcony, ending her story once and for all. She knows she will go to jail for this, but she has nothing left to find, so she accepts her fate. To the end of Season 1 of El Silencio, the uncertainty of the final scene shows that Ana and Sergio are not very different from each other. Ana’s obsession led them to become the same person, so we can’t tell them apart.



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