Zoe’s secret discovered? This detail that ir…

Zoe’s secret discovered? This detail that ir…
Zoe’s secret discovered? This detail that ir…

the daily Secret Story this Thursday, May 2, a new buzz resounded. Maxence thinks he has discovered Zoé’s secret. A revelation which did not fail to make Internet users react.

The return of the show Secret Story on TF1 7 years of absence was marked by the entry of 15 new candidates on April 23.

Maxence, of the candidates, thinks he has discovered the secret of Zoé, whom he suspects is a former Miss Belgium, during the daily newspaper of May 2.

Reactions on social media suggest that Maxence and Zoé, both Belgian, might know each other outside of the show.

After 7 years of absence, the famous TV show Secret Story is back on TF1, to the delight of fans. On April 23, 15 new candidates joined the house of secrets with one goal: to win this new season. An adventure that promises to be full of twists and turns!

And for this new season, the Voice has many surprises in store for us. After worrying all the viewers with the announcement of his false start, the Voice seems more playful than ever this year. And the residents too! Since they set foot in the House of Secrets, the candidates have participated in funny missions, buzzed several times, discovered the real villa… But not only that.

Maxime thinks he has discovered Zoé’s secret

At the beginning of the week, Lou found Charlène and Francesca’s secret, entitled “We are a couple”. A revelation that divided the house of secrets into two clans.

But the young woman from is not the only one who wants to discover the secret of others. Maxim also has a few leads and decides to try his luck in the daily newspaper this Thursday, May 2. “I think I discovered Zoe’s secret. I think Zoe is a former Miss Belgiumhe told the Voice in the confessional.

Did the two Belgians already know each other? Internet users react

“What makes you think that?”questions the Voice. “Several things”replies the Belgian before adding: “In the game, several people mentioned that Zoe could possibly do modeling. She was always very evasive about it. And during the evening, we each paraded and Zoé still paraded with quite a bit of professionalism. And on top of that, in the house clues, there are a scarf in the rooms. When I saw the scarf, I thought maybe it was a Miss’s scarf. So here is”.

Is he on the right track? One thing is certain, this buzz has sparked many reactions on social networks. Some Internet users think that Maxime and Zoé already knew each other before the showespecially since they are both Belgian. “Maxime who pretends that he found Zoé’s secret thanks to the clues in the house whilehe follows her on insta I can’t”, “Maxime who is literally Belgian and who brings Zoé’s secret out of nowhere, not to us, not to us”, “Are you going to tell me that Maxime doesn’t know Zoé there?”we can read on X.



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