new controversy for Léa Salamé

new controversy for Léa Salamé
new controversy for Léa Salamé

By Laura Angelo

– Published on May 2, 2024 at 3:26 p.m.

After her scathing remark to Artus, Léa Salamé finds herself in a new controversy where she is widely criticized by a famous doctor.

This is the sequence that continues to generate reactions on social networks. This Saturday, April 27, 2024, Léa Salamé received Artus on the set of What an era!. The 36-year-old actor then returned to how he managed to manage his severe anxiety. Stressed for many years, the actor revealed that he had stopped drinking and smoking. But the France Inter journalist had a rather surprising reaction, since she replied that he was becoming ” tiresome “. A remark that did not please the comedian at all.

Artus treated as “boring” by Léa Salamé because he no longer drinks

Indeed, Artus did not mince his words: “It’s very French that, as soon as we say that we stop drinking we become annoying, whereas it’s good not to drink alcohol necessarily… If I had said I stopped cocaine, everything the world would have said to me ‘well done’”, he says. Since then, on social networks, the sequence has been relayed and Léa Salamé’s response has been widely criticized.

In particular by the Addictions France association. “This television sequence highlights several issues: the trivialization of alcohol consumption in our society and the social pressure that accompanies it to be “socially integrated. The stigmatization of people who make the choice for their health to reduce or stop drinking alcohol.”

A widely criticized sequence

On the side of Léa Salamé, no reaction. But this is not the case for doctor Hélène Rossinot, laureate of the Academy of Medicinewho did not hesitate to comment on old statements from the journalist who had indicated on RTL in 2023 that she drank “a splash of vodka” to relax before entering the set.

Words which then made the doctor jump: “ Damn problematic… She hits on those who stop drinking, insists (and this wasn’t the first time) on the necessity of alcohol in order not to be boring, drinks ‘a splash’ of vodka ‘to relax’ before each show… Perhaps an opportunity to raise awareness? “, asks the doctor.

Pascal Praud supports Léa Salamé

However, Léa Salamé was able to obtain the support of a journalist, Pascal Praud, who on the set of CNews took up her defense. For him, his colleague wanted to be humorous and unfortunately for her, her joke was not understood. “ In fact, she plays, Léa. She uses second degree, she has fun”, did he declare. You already have Artus who takes it at face value, and you also have the public who takes it at face value…”. Will Léa Salamé speak out on this subject?



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