Donald Trump breaks ‘truce’ with Joe Biden

Donald Trump gave his first speech since his debate with Joe Biden on June 27.Getty Images North America

Having so far remained out of the spotlight on speculation about Joe Biden’s health, Donald Trump let loose on Tuesday for his first public appearance since their televised debate.

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It was a torrent of invective that the billionaire unleashed against his Democratic rival in the presidential election. “Corrupt, incompetent, suffering from cognitive disorders”: so much kindness used to sink Joe Biden.

Donald Trump took the opportunity to go over his opponent’s failed debate at length, in breadth and in depth, which left a very painful impression. “This is the greatest cover-up in political history,” the Republican candidate said during the 75-minute speech at his golf course in Miami, while the crowd simmered in temperatures of around 39 degrees.

“As you know, they are all co-conspirators in the sinister plot to deceive the American public about the cognitive abilities of the man who occupies the Oval Office.”

Donald Trump on Tuesday night in Miami.

A dense crowd of MAGA hats watched Trump’s speech in a stifling atmosphere.Getty Images North America

During a speech riddled with exaggerations and liesthe Republican accused his rival of regularly disappearing from the Oval Office, leaving his son, Hunter, who was convicted of illegal gun possession, to govern the United States with the help of the first lady, Jill Biden.

The former president also challenged his rival to participate in another debate, without a moderator this time, and invited him to come and play a game of golf.

“It will be one of the most watched sporting events in history, perhaps bigger than the Ryder Cup or even the Masters.”

“If he wins, I’ll give the charity of his choice, any charity, a million dollars. But I bet you he won’t take me up on that offer,” he quipped.

At the big gathering, the influential Florida senator Marco Rubio, whose name is circulating as Donald Trump’s future running mate as vice president, was in the front row among the audience. (mbr/ats)

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