“Patriots for Europe”: what is this new nationalist group that Jordan Bardella will chair in Strasbourg?

“Patriots for Europe”: what is this new nationalist group that Jordan Bardella will chair in Strasbourg?
“Patriots for Europe”: what is this new nationalist group that Jordan Bardella will chair in Strasbourg?

Jordan Bardella announced on Sunday that he would join a new group in the European Parliament.

The leader of the National Rally will chair the “Patriots for Europe”.

This pro-Kremlin nationalist group initiated by Viktor Orban will become the third force in Strasbourg.

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The results of the 2024 European elections

It’s a little sentence that almost went unnoticed. During his speech after the results of the legislative elections, Jordan Bardella revealed this Sunday, July 7, that the MEPs of the National Rally were rallying to a “a large group that will have weight in the balance of power in Europe, to refuse migratory submersion, punitive ecology and the confiscation of our sovereignty.” Namely, the “Patriots for Europe”, this alliance of European nationalist right-wingers with positions very close to the Kremlin.

Against “illegal immigration” and for “the traditional family”

Born on Sunday, June 30, this far-right group was initiated by Hungarian Viktor Orban, the day before he took over the rotating presidency of the European Union. The aim: to bring together the far right after its breakthrough in the European elections in a group bringing together nationalist and radical MEPs to make a voice heard “different voice”The manifesto of this coalition thus explicitly advocates the end of military aid to Ukraine, the fight against “illegal immigration”, and the defense of “the traditional family”.

Political positions embodied with fervor by the Prime Minister of Hungary since his arrival in power. In September 2022, the Hungarian executive had voted a law against abortion which obliges women to “listen to the fetus’s heartbeat” before any interruption. Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Viktor Orban has also engaged in a standoff with Brussels, constantly aligning himself with Moscow’s positions.

Is Viktor Orban Ukraine’s number one opponent in Europe?Source : TF1 Info

But until today, and despite the advance of the European far right in the last elections, this coalition struggled to prove that it could be a real force in Strasbourg. And for good reason, as we explained to you at the time, in order to form a group, the “Patriots for Europe” had to bring together at least 25 parliamentarians, from at least seven different countries of the Union.

So it’s done, with the French far right. Before it, the Austrians of the FPÖ and the Czechs of the ANO joined the ranks of the group. Since then, five parties from different countries have announced their support: the PVV of the Dutch Geert Wilders, the Portuguese movement Chega, the Spanish VOX, the Danish People’s Party and the Flemish far-right independence party Vlaams Belang. The League of the Italian Matteo Salvini also announced its participation on Monday.

The “Patriots for Europe” should have 84 members, including 30 from the National Rally. The party with the tricolour flame will represent the largest delegation in terms of numbers and its leader should in fact to become its president, as declared by RN MEP Jean-Paul Garraud, during a meeting in Brussels.

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Enough to upset the balances of the European Parliament. Although they did not manage to take the lead of the National Assembly, the far-right MEPs took third place in Strasbourg. They will weigh more than Renew Europe, a liberal-inspired group composed in particular of Emmanuel Macron’s political family, and than the European Conservatives and Reformists, where Georgia Meloni’s Fratelli d’Italia party is notably present. The centre-right EPP remains the most important, followed by the socialists in second place.

A third political force that will carry the project of a European extreme right “resolutely against this ultra-federalist aspect of the European Union”as Jean-Paul Garraud described it. A nationalist group, close to the Kremlin, which should “influence the decisions of the European Parliament”.

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