Marvel abandoned these ideas for the film’s villain.

Deadpool fans have been waiting for years for the superhero played by Ryan Reynolds to arrive in the MCU. The opportunity for the public to see Hugh Jackman back as Wolverine. Who says superhero movie says antagonist. A year ago, we discovered that The production had found the actress who would play the big baddie: Emma Corrin The woman who will be Cassandra Nova has just given an interview in which She returns to this role and to the proposals refused by Marvel.

Cassandra Nova VS Deadpool & Wolverine

A few days before the release of Deadpool & Wolverinethe hype is rising among fans of the character played on screen by Ryan Reynolds. For his arrival in the MCU, The actor will be accompanied by Hugh Jackman who will return to the screen as Wolverine. But not only because the public will find an actress well known to Netflix subscribers since Marvel has decided to entrust the role of the big baddie of this production to Emma Corrin, seen in the series The CrownShe plays Diana Spencer in the series dedicated to the Queen of England offered by the American streaming platform.

The young woman who played Esme Winikus in the first season of the series Pennyworth will bring Cassandra Nova to life in the third installment of the adventures of the Merc with a Mouth. Readers of the X-Men comics are well acquainted with this villain who is the sister Charles Xavier’s twin. She is the complete opposite of her brother. While she was in their mother’s womb, Charles even tried to kill her with his psychic powers believing that she was evil.

Cassandra Nova

The operation fails and Cassandra Nova is declared stillborn but she will develop a body, cell by cell, similar to that of her twin and cultivate an exceptional hatred towards one’s brother.

Marvel slowed down Emma Corrin in her preparation

In a recent interview for British GQ, Emma Corrin Reveals What Marvel Turned Down In Offers For Her Character Cassandra Nova. She first explains that Ryan Reynolds and the director, Shawn Levy, had intended to making an antagonist never seen before in a Marvel movie :

We want this villain to not be a villain in the way you expect her to be. We want you to be so attached to her, so charmed by her, and just when you think she might have totally read your soul and you’re going to be best friends, you’re already dead.

Emma Corrin

And to add that Marvel had to curb the enthusiasm of the actress who wanted to give 200% in this role :

I asked if I could get a personal trainer and they said no. I was so ready to go through a huge transformation but they said, This is absolutely not what you should be doing. Please stop.

So we could have seen a very different Cassandra Nova. Deadpool & Wolverine will be available to discover on July 24th at the cinema.



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