Haut-Doubs. Births, marriages and deaths of the week

Haut-Doubs. Births, marriages and deaths of the week
Haut-Doubs. Births, marriages and deaths of the week


Andrée Pagnard, 91 years old, retired, La Cluse and Mijoux, widow of Michel Thevenin.

Christiane Jaques, 81 years old, retired, Vuillecin, widow of Jean-Marie Bez.

Christian Parnet, 84 years old, retired from the hotel industry, Oye-et-Pallet, husband of Yvette Nicod.

Philippe Vogele, 64 years old, milling turner, Malbuisson.

Yvon Dornier, 68 years old, Doubs.


Armand Antonin Bescond, developer, and Anne Peroz, university professor.

Justine Sylvain Girardot, assistant restaurant director, and Stéphanie Mallet, waitress.

Meïvy Aurélien Trarbach, insulator, and Megane Emery, human resources assistant.

Mia Théo Mollier, graphic designer, and Florine Petit, layout technician.

Marceau Jérémy Loureiro, agricultural worker, and Justine Lhote, medical secretary.

Charlie Sebastien Pourny, nurse, and Katia Rogeboz, medical secretary.

Leon Quentin Lacroix, sanitation and drinking water manager, and Camille Barbaz, environmental mission manager.

Ruby Christophe Guerin, digital control adjuster, and Marion Ziarczyk, seamstress.

Mathys Hervé Guinchard, municipal employee, and Chloé Chastrusse, executive assistant.

Thais by Dimitri Berthelin, butcher in a slaughterhouse, and Mélaine Litique, bar turner.

Johanna Julien Rouxbedat, watchmaker, and Clélia Cornil, land rights instructor.

Deborah William Charles, sector manager in large distribution, and Sara Parente, receptionist.

Juliet Alexandre Jardon, quality technician, and Pauline Aventino, general practitioner.

Angela Pierre-Yves Bart, farmer, and Manon Roland, farmer.


Hasan Ceylan, house painter, and Merve Soysal, saleswoman.

Julien Forgeron, adjuster operator, and Nastasia Girardet, group leader.

Mathilde Pourcelot, school teacher, and Corentin Masson, product engineer.

Jacques Mosnier, business manager, and Lucie Pernet, executive assistant.

Volkan Kardes, business manager, and Héline Gauthier, beautician.

Ebru Koç, customer advisor, and Umit Ekinci, logistics manager.

Siham Denis, banking executive, and Driss Fakid, rail transport executive.

Guillaume Marmier, civil engineer, and Btissam Bouries, beautician.

Marie Eme, dental assistant, and Guillaume Roche, facilitator.

Claire Milliot, German teacher, and Grégoire Besson, microtechnology engineer.

Ludovic Roussel-Délif, microbiologist, and Nathalie Goffredo, territorial technical agent.



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