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The UN analyzed six Israeli bombings in the Gaza Strip, estimating that the Jewish state may have violated international law. She says that, when systematic and widespread, attacks against civilians can involve crimes against humanity, without formally establishing this.

In a report published Wednesday by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, bombings on homes, a school, refugee camps and a market between last October and December are analyzed. “The requirement to choose means and methods of warfare that avoid or at least minimize civilian damage appears to have been repeatedly violated in the Israeli bombing campaign,” says High Commissioner Volker Türk.

Without making the link clearly, which will have to be established by a court, the UN report suggests for the first time the possible “involvement of crimes against humanity”. He also speaks of “grave concerns” about violations of international humanitarian law (IHL) and possible war crimes, as well as those of Hamas and other Palestinian groups.

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Israel possibly committed crimes against humanity in Gaza according to the UN / Forum / 3 min. / today at 7:00 p.m.

The use of Israeli explosive weapons with effects over large territories shows the lack of distinction between combatants and civilians, according to the report. The six bombings mentioned caused at least 218 casualties, but the number is probably much higher.

Satellite images and other evidence show that heavy weapons were used, capable of wreaking havoc on several floors of concrete and collapsing buildings. In five attacks, no warning was given to civilians.

For independent investigations

Israel claimed to have targeted terrorists involved in the October 7 massacre in three of the attacks. But “the simple presence” of a commander or a few combatants does not justify making an entire neighborhood a military objective, says the High Commission report.

The Jewish state announced that it was carrying out assessments on each of these incidents. But, “eight months after the first of these attacks”, they have not been clarified and no responsibility has been established, deplores the high commissioner.

Last week, the International Commission of Inquiry mandated by the Human Rights Council affirmed that Israel had perpetrated crimes against humanity. She accused Palestinian groups of war crimes.

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Israel and Hamas are responsible for war crimes according to an independent commission mandated by the UN / 12h45 / 30 sec. / June 12, 2024


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