Buying your plane ticket on this specific day of the week saves 25% of the ticket price

A report produced by the travel agency Expedia provides several tips that allow you to make valuable savings.

Summer vacation is fast approaching. For those who have not yet done so, the coming weeks will be an opportunity to complete the organization of the vacation. As is often the case, one of the main challenges will be not to blow the budget. And therefore in particular not to spend a fortune on plane tickets.

A mission that is not easy when we know that along with housing, transport is the main item of expenditure for people who go on vacation. Fortunately, through a report published in October 2022, the online travel agency Expedia reveals valuable techniques that allow you to save money when booking your plane tickets. Note that Expedia relied on figures from the ARC (Airlines Reporting Corporation) to produce this report.

The least we can say is that this report allows us to learn several lessons. The first of these is undoubtedly the best known but it never hurts to remind you: to prevent the price of plane tickets from soaring, it is better to book in advance. For domestic flights, prices tend to increase 33 days before departure. Therefore, the ideal is to book between 70 and 90 days (12 weeks) in advance to benefit from 30% savings on average. For international flights, prices start to increase 50 days before departure. This is why it is advisable to book between 70 and 78 days in advance to benefit from 10% savings on average.

The report provides a tip that may also prove useful, especially for those who fear the risk of cancellation. According to Expedia, departures before 3 p.m. experience 60% fewer cancellations than departures later in the day. Another important lesson: leaving on Friday would be cheaper. The report specifies that departures on these days save 10% compared to a domestic flight on Sunday and an international flight on Monday.

Finally, the report provides one last tip to help travelers save money. If you didn’t know yet, the price of your plane ticket depends in part on the day you make your purchase. Thus, for domestic flights, travelers who buy their tickets on Sunday save on average 25% compared to those who do so on Saturday. For international flights, we increase to 10% compared to Friday. Now you know which day you should choose to get your plane tickets. And what day to avoid.



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