Gino Chouinard more moved than ever at It ends the week well

The countdown to his departure has begun.

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The host of Hi hello, Gino Chouinard, will leave his post on June 21. On this occasion, he was the guest of a special program of It’s a good end to the week.

From the start, Gino surprised us by admitting that he wasn’t comfortable receiving love. If he finds it easier to give than to receive, his last week promises to be full of emotions for him!

Gino was a morning host for 21 years, including 17 years at Hi hello during the week and 4 years to Hello Hello Weekend. We also learned that, 14 years ago, Gino Chouinard had a lot of hesitation before agreeing to present the weekday morning show. This choice proved to be wise since today, Gino is part of Quebec households every morning.

A particularly moving moment of the evening was when Gino spoke about his team of collaborators. “I am convinced of one thing: the longevity of my career is largely thanks to the teams I have worked with. Authentic, funny, honest, professional people who always gave the best of themselves. Their commitment has constantly motivated me in my work. Working with people like that is extremely rewarding,” confided the host.


Gino’s collaborators also shared many warm words with him, testifying to the emotion that is within them as they experience their last week together.

We must also highlight the incredible performance of the singer Ingrid St-Pierreone of Gino Chouinard’s favorites, who came to perform his favorite song, 63 rue Leman. This moment revealed all the sensitivity of the host, offering a very moving moment.

The special show It’s a good end to the week dedicated to Gino Chouinard concluded with two strong moments. First of all, a moving text from Jean-Michel Anctil highlighting the importance and solidity of their friendship, where we saw Gino Chouinard more moved than ever.

Finally, the hilarious intervention of Fabien Cloutierwhich made the audience cry with laughter.

Remember that this week marks the end of Gino Chouinard’s mandate at the head of Hi hello. Many festivities took place during the show, renamed for the occasion Hi Gino in his honour.

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