the program revealed, a candidate is already talking about him

the program revealed, a candidate is already talking about him
the program revealed, a candidate is already talking about him

The New Popular Front has unveiled its entire government program, while the announcements of investitures follow one another. Among them, that of Aurélien Rousseau, who is none other than the former Minister of Health… of Macron!

The essential

  • The program is now official: LFI, the PS, Place publique, Génération⸱s, EELV and the PCF have revealed the main measures they would put in place if they manage to win the legislative elections and obtain a majority in the Assembly national. Details can be found by clicking here.
  • Concretely, with this alliance, only one candidate from these parties will be present in each constituency on June 30 and July 7. The distribution is as follows: 229 for LFI, 175 for the PS, 92 for EELV and 50 for the PCF.
  • If the candidates of the New Popular Front are revealed little by little, one of the investitures caused a strong reaction in the presidential camp. The former Minister of Health in the Borne government, Aurélien Rousseau, will campaign under the colors of the left-wing union.
  • But who could be the head of this government if the New Popular Front has a majority in the National Assembly? At this stage, nothing has been decided, even if some believe they can occupy the position: Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Fabien Roussel, François Ruffin and even Clémentine Autain would agree to settle in Matignon.


23:30 – Éric Coquerel returns to the Adrien Quatennens case

END OF LIVE – While the time has come for the great alliance on the left, it is an issue which tends to divide. Guest on franceinfo Friday evening, Éric Coquerel returned to the candidacy of the outgoing LFI deputy convicted of domestic violence at the end of 2022. “Our party considers that there are never irremediable things. We think that someone can always given time to come back, to rehabilitate, that that’s what makes sense in a progressive way. That’s the measure that was taken on Adrien’s side,” declared Éric Coquerel, adding: “I’m a member. of La France insoumise, so I support what La France insoumise decides.”

22:47 – This is how the left will choose its Prime Minister

If, on July 7, the New Popular Front obtains a majority in the National Assembly, cohabitation will then take place in France. Emmanuel Macron will no longer have enough supporting deputies to govern and will therefore have to appoint a Prime Minister from the ranks of the majority group. On the left, which personality could be named? If speculation is rife, a rule has been defined between the parties. “It is the parliamentary group which will have the greatest number of deputies which will make a proposal for the person who will be in Matignon”, explained Manuel Bompard, coordinator of La France insoumise. Thus, if LFI has the most deputies in the alliance, it is this party which will propose a name, the same for the PS, EELV or even the PCF.

22:16 – The candidacy of Aurélien Rousseau also in the sights of Marine Le Pen

It is not only the presidential camp that seems to be offended by the candidacy of Emmanuel Macron’s former Minister of Health under the New Popular Front label. Marine Le Pen castigated on X the fact that Aurélien Rousseau, responsible for the Macron/Borne pension reform, [soit] supported in the legislative elections by the ‘Popular Front'”. And the former head of the National Rally asserted: “The far left fuels violence and chaos to hide its hypocrisy and its systematic betrayal of French workers.”

21:42 – Aurélien Rousseau comes out of the silence and justifies his candidacy New Popular Front

Target of the presidential camp, Aurélien Rousseau, who will campaign for his legislative elections under the colors of the New Popular Front, spoke on Friday evening on and emancipation, I am committed to the dynamic of bringing together the left Popular Front, the only one capable of blocking the extreme right.”

21:14 – Éric Dupond-Moretti trashes Aurélien Rousseau’s candidacy

It’s a statement with no shortage of bite. On “Courage to Aurélien Rousseau who will have to explain why the pension reform that he meticulously negotiated must be abolished,” said Éric Dupond-Moretti, visibly somewhat resentful.

20:50 – Emmanuel Macron is ironic about the inauguration of his former Minister of Health

On the sidelines of the G7, in Italy, the President of the Republic reacted to the candidacy of his former Minister of Health, Aurélien Rousseau. “It shows all its coherence…” he blurted, before dismissing the subject: “But I’m not going to comment on anyone’s things.”

20:43 – A former minister of the Borne government, candidate for the New Popular Front

Aurélien Rousseau, who left the Borne government last December at the time of the much-criticized immigration law, will be a candidate in the elections legislative elections in the third constituency of Yvelines, but not for the Macron camp. It is in fact in the colors of the New Popular Front that he will campaign in the coming weeks.

19:31 – What measures for purchasing power?

For the New Popular Front, a state of social emergency must be “declared”. To this end, here are the first measures that would be put in place:

  • Block the prices of essential goods: food, energy, fuel
  • Strengthening the quality-price shield in overseas territories
  • Repeal the pension reform
  • Repeal the unemployment reform
  • Repeal the RSA reform
  • Index salaries to inflation
  • Increase in the minimum wage to 1,600 euros
  • Increase in the minimum contribution to the level of the Smic
  • Increase in the old age minimum to the level of poverty alone
  • Increase in intern compensation
  • Increase in wages for apprentices and work-study students
  • APL increase of 10%
  • Increase in the AAH at the minimum wage level
  • Engage in negotiations to guarantee a minimum and remunerative price for farmers by taxing the super-profits of agro-industrialists and mass retailers

For the left alliance, “it is about responding to the emergencies which damage the lives and confidence of the French people”, with a firm commitment: “So that life changes from the summer of 2024.”

18:52 – For Jordan Bardella, his “main adversary” is the New Popular Front

Traveling in Loiret this Friday, the boss of National Rally, Jordan Bardella, estimated that the majority camp was no longer his number one adversary, but that his “main adversary” was now the New Popular Front, a ” political formation capable of forming a government”, just like his camp.

18:33 – The first leaflet of the New Popular Front revealed

On the social network Here it is :

15:05 – No mention of nuclear power, an accepted choice

When reading the government program of the New Popular Front, one detail stands out: no mention is made of nuclear power. No position taken. Guest on BFM TV, Marine Tondelier, national secretary of EELV, explained this choice simply: “We do not open or close a nuclear power plant either in 100 days or in 2 years.” In other words, there is no point in engaging on a subject that cannot be resolved by 2027 and the next presidential election.

150 measures implemented over three successive periods. This is the guideline of program of the New Popular Front, presented Friday June 14, 2024. LFI, EELV, the PS, the PCF have agreed on numerous commitments that they wish to implement if they obtain the majority in the National Assembly, next July 7, on the evening of the 2e round of legislative elections. This program would be implemented in three phases: first a series of decisions taken within 15 days after coming to power, then another within 100 days following the start of their governance and, finally, some during the following months.

It goes without saying that the New Popular Front has access to its main promises on purchasing power, which it intends to improve. For this, numerous increases will be decreed: that of the minimum wage to 1,600 euros net, that of the minimum contributory level to the level of the minimum wage, that of the minimum old age to the level of poverty only, that of the AAH to the level of the minimum wage, that of APL of 10%, while indexing salaries to inflation. At the same time, pension, unemployment and RSA reforms will be repealed.

Furthermore, faced with soaring energy bills (electricity, gas, fuel), the New Popular Front promises to remove the 10% tax on energy bills, to cancel the planned increase in the price of gas , to make the first KwH of electricity free and to put an end to electricity, heat and gas cuts.

Concerning Education, the left announces that it wants to repeal the “shock of knowledge” desired by Emmanuel Macron, preserve the educational freedom of teachers, work on total free schooling (Canteen, supplies, transport, extracurricular), but also reduce the number of students per class is 19, abolish Parcoursup, introduce meals for 1 euro at Crous.

Long awaited on the burning subject of international diplomacy, the left alliance revealed its position. On Ukraine, she wishes to maintain the delivery of arms and defend the sovereignty of the Ukrainian people, continue the seizure of the oligarchs’ assets in the banks and send peacekeepers, in particular to secure nuclear power plants.

As for the thorny subject of Israel and Gaza, the New Popular Front proposes to break with support for the government of Benjamin Netanyahu (Israeli Prime Minister), and to enforce the order of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) which evokes a risk of genocide. He also wishes to act for the release of hostages held since the massacres, described as “terrorist”, by Hamas, and for the release of Palestinian political prisoners. He promises to support the International Criminal Court in its prosecution of Hamas leaders and the Israeli government and calls for immediate recognition of the State of Palestine alongside the State of Israel on the basis of UN resolutions, with the holding of elections in Palestine.



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