Murder trial: she saw her partner die before her eyes

Visibly nervous, Nadia Essiambre recounted the last moments of her partner Manuel Paradis, killed in their home in Quebec, on November 1, 2022.

The 47-year-old woman testifies at the trial of Dominic Larocque and his son Cédric, both accused of the first degree murder of Manuel Paradis.

Nadia Essiambre continues to be haunted by the tragedy which took place in a building on Chemin Sainte-Foy, where they were all tenants.


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The accused, Cédric and Dominic Larocque.

Photo: Quebec City Police Department

The accused and Manuel Paradis had argued in the hours preceding the events. According to Ms. Essiambre, Paradis criticized Dominic Larocque for having called the police to file a complaint against him. At the time, the couple used drugs and alcohol and Manuel Paradis was increasingly paranoid, according to the woman.

At the end of the evening, the couple was in bed when there was a knock on the door of their apartment.


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The building where the events occurred.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Steve Jolicoeur

According to Nadia Essiambre, her partner went to open the door ajar before trying to block access to the accommodation.

It went bangsaid the witness who saw the accused burst into her apartment.

According to her, Father Larocque struck his partner’s body, while the son hit her in the head with what she believes was a flashlight.

I wanted to go help Manuel.

A quote from Nadia Essiambre during her testimony

She received at least three blows to the head as she tried to intervene. She said she saw Dominic Larocque hit Manuel Paradis with a baseball bat in the face.

The two men subsequently left the scene.

I crawled up to Manuel, stroked his hair. He wasn’t breathing anymore, it was over.

A quote from Nadia Essiambre during her testimony.

Dizzy, the forty-year-old has a headache and is bleeding. I was sure I was going to diethe woman pointed out.

A teenager testifies

A teenager who accompanied the accused during the attack also testified for the prosecution.

His identity is protected by an order.

This young witness had to justify himself. He maintained that the victim had pointed a knife at Father Larocque, information he had not given during his police interrogation.

>>A knife lies on the ground.>>

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This knife, on which there were red stains resembling blood, was found outside the building where the victim and the accused lived.

Photo: SPVQ

During this interrogation which took place 16 hours after the tragedy, he also claimed that Dominic Larocque held Manuel Paradis while his son Cédric hit him with a baseball bat.

Today, in the memories of the teenager, Dominic Larocque no longer holds the victim.

>>In addition to the stick, the photo shows disorder and traces of blood.>>

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Manuel Paradis was allegedly beaten with a baseball. This broken and bloodstained stick was found in the victim’s home.

Photo: SPVQ

Confronted by the prosecutor about these contradictions, the teenager defended himself, saying he was not there to protect the accused, he assured.

He explains his different versions by the fact that at the time he was in shock and had not taken the time to analyze everything.

The trial of Dominic Larocque, 56, and his son Cédric, 20, is in its second week.

The judge predicted it will last about six weeks.



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