“We are not replacing Kylian Mbappé”: Luis Enrique warns that next season’s PSG will be different

“We are not replacing Kylian Mbappé”: Luis Enrique warns that next season’s PSG will be different
“We are not replacing Kylian Mbappé”: Luis Enrique warns that next season’s PSG will be different

After the Champions Trophy and the French Championship, the Coupe de France. The victory (2-1) this Saturday evening at the Pierre-Mauroy stadium, against Lyon, a valiant opponent, was enough to rejoice Luis Enrique, who completed his first season as PSG coach and came to take stock of press conference.

Was it the best first period of your season?

LUIS ENRIQUE. Not for me. I think it’s time to congratulate all the players, without exception, all the members of the club, the supporters. My team has been ambitious all season. She never calculates, she is always offensive, she had energy, she pressed. I am not choosing a half-time this season. We were protagonists of the final. We would have liked to play one more week (the Champions League final) but that’s how it is, Football is sometimes cruel. I hope for even better next season, with new recruits who will improve us. I give everyone a 10 out of 10.

What did you think of Kylian Mbappé’s last outing on the pitch with PSG?

It was a great chance to be his coach. It was a very difficult season because it was his last here. He always wanted to help his team, like tonight (this Saturday). It’s definitely different. We cannot replace it! Don’t look! This is the team that will replace him, not just one player but five or six. We will have to improve. We want to make history and we will end up winning the Champions League. When ? I don’t know. But yes, we will win it.

What assessment do you draw from Vitinha whom you repositioned in front of the defense?

He’s the player of the season. In the game without the ball, in the use of the ball, thanks to its energy. He’s the best player of the season and yet we have some very good ones.

Were you made aware of the serious incidents before the meeting?

When there is news like this, players stay away. I regret it and I regret any violence that takes place at the expense of football. This must disappear in France, in Spain, everywhere in the world. We must eradicate it and eradicate all forms of violence linked to football.

What are your desires now? Cut ?

It’s the end of the season, but the negotiations are beginning. We will try to improve the squad. We will try to have a good transfer window. The players’ adaptation time must be taken into account. There are no holidays in football. I will be in contact every day with the president and Luis Campos. I will not go to the Euro and I will watch them on TV, where we see them very well. That way I can watch while drinking a beer. Or two. Or one per half-time (smile).



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