Google makes it easier to share passwords within family groups!

Google makes it easier to share passwords within family groups!
Google makes it easier to share passwords within family groups!

Google has just taken a new step in simplifying online password management. The tech giant has indeed announced the deployment of a highly anticipated feature: the secure password sharing within family groups.

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This is a significant step forward which should make daily life easier for many households.

Password sharing made easy for families

Available since the last update of the services Google Play from May 2024this new option allows users to easily share their passwords with members of their family group. You will therefore no longer need post-its to stick on the fridge or cryptic messages to send by SMS to transmit the precious sesames.

Concretely, it is now possible to provide access to shared services passwords (like Netflix for example) to all members of the household in just a few clicks. A feature that should greatly facilitate the management of joint subscriptions and other family accounts.

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A feature linked to Google’s password manager

It is important to note, however, that this sharing option only affects passwords stored in the native password manager Google. Integrated with Chromium And Androidthis tool allows you to save and synchronize your passwords and access keys on all your devices as long as you are connected to your Google account.

Thus, only the registered identifiers in this manager can be shared with members of the family group. Please note that passwords stored in other tools (such as iCloud keychains or third-party extensions) are not affected by this new feature.

A gradual deployment, first on mobile

If the sharing of passwords within family groups is excellent news, it is clear that its deployment is done gradually. For now, only mobile users can benefit from it. The feature is not yet available on desktop computers, including Chrome users.

In reality, when a password is shared with a family member, a copy of it is saved in the recipient’s personal password manager. They can then use it independently on their own devices, without having to request the identifiers each time.

There is no doubt that this new option will simplify the lives of many families by facilitating the secure sharing of passwords. We now have to wait for the functionality to be deployed more widely, particularly on desktop computers, to take full advantage of it.




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