Here are the top 10 for the 2024 Golden Boot

Here are the top 10 for the 2024 Golden Boot
Here are the top 10 for the 2024 Golden Boot

In a week, we will know the name of Nathan Copette’s successor on the provincial Golden Shoe list. As well as the names of the various winners who will be rewarded during a big evening organized in Bomal (Salle du Sassin) by our newspaper, in collaboration with TV Lux, the Provincial Committee and the Bomal club. Women’s Golden Boot, Coach of the Year trophy, Golden Gloves, Referee Merit, Regularity Trophy and Best P2 and P3 Players Trophy will be awarded while the senior champion teams this season will also receive a price.

Concerning the Golden Boot, we have already revealed (our Wednesday edition) the names of the players ranked in places 21 to 40. We are moving a little further today in the publication of the results since here is the ranking of the players placed 11th in 20th place. And, by deduction, you can therefore discover the top 10 out of order. Note that four players from Habay-la-Neuve appear in this top 10, the other six are from Gouvy, Oppagne, Sart, Arlon, Libramont and Harre-Manhay.


11. Simon Poncelet (Habay-la-Neuve) 30

12. Jérémy Serwy (Habay-la-Neuve) 29

13. Charles Delmé (Libramont) 24

13. Jérôme Roberty (Harre-Manhay) 24

15. Adrien François (Arlon) 23

15. Habib Binate (Harre-Manhay) 23

15. Arnaud Burton (Mormont) 23

15. Florent Devresse (Marloie) 23

19. Diego Debue (Longlier) 22

20. Gilles Regnier (Gouvy) 20

21. Romain Maréchal (Harre-Manhay) 19

22. Massamba Diouf (Harre-Manhay) 17

22. Martin Mairlot (Nothomb) 17

24. Mickaël Leoni (Messancy) 15

25. Sébastien Clotuche (Houffaloise) 14

26. Mathys Vieuxtemps (Gouvy) 13

27. Marvin Étienne (Oppagne) 10

27. Kevin Huberty (Ethe) 10

27. Alexandre Laurent (Meix-dvt-Virton) 10

30. Laurent Dewalque (Meix-dvt-Virton) 8

31. Romain Bonjean (Oppagne) 7

31. Ryan Poulain (Messancy) 7

33. Maxime Lambert (Marloie) 6

33. Fabio Lo Monte (Mormont) 6

35. Antoine Debehogne (Longlier) 5

35. Yoan Devillet (Gouvy) 5

35. Thomas Lefort (Ethe) 5

38. Nathanaël Janssens (Harre-Manhay) 4

39. Mehdi Lomma (Mormont) 4

40. Aubrey Théodore (Érezée-Amonines) 2


Thiebault Bartholomé (Habay-la-Neuve)

François Burton (Gouvy)

Nathan Copette (Habay-la-Neuve)

Julien Fiévet (Oppagne)

Victor Hausman (Arlon)

Muse Murtezi (Sart)

Mathieu Perreaux (Libramont)

Nicolas Prévot (Harre-Manhay)

François Reyter (Habay-la-Neuve)

Hugo Vialette (Habay-la-Neuve)

The top 10 for women, in alphabetical order

Louve Bihain (Sibret)

Lilas Degros (Sainte-Ode)

Valentine Duprez (Sibret)

Sloane Georges (Sibret)

Valentine Grogna (Cobreville)

Angélique Iacovano (Sibret)

Clara Jadoul (Tintifontaine)

Élodie Lallemand (Etalle)

Éloïse Lejeune (Petit-Han)

Orlane Mesquin (Longlier)

The top 10 coaches, in alphabetical order

David Akinci (Érezée-Amonines)

Samuel Bodet (Libramont)

Aurélien Gomez (Houffaloise)

Valère Lamy (Oppagne)

Ludovic Lejeune (Harre-Manhay)

Nicolas Lemaire (Gouvy B)

Merouane Mezouari (Nothomb)

Romain Ollé-Nicolle (Messancy)

Philippe Petit (Meix-devant-Virton)

Samuel Petit (Habay-la-Neuve

Don’t delay in booking!

Golden Boots (gentlemen and ladies), Golden Gloves, coach of the year, best players by series, refereeing merit, champions’ trophies, regularity trophy: there will be numerous prizes during this evening organized in Bomal and enhanced by the presence of professional players.

If you want to take part in the planned meal (aperitif, main course and dessert for the sum of €25; amount to be paid into the FC Bomal account, mentioning first and last name: BE24 1030 6690 7638), do not delay in registering with from Christine Bonjean (0474 22 26 51) or Patrick Bultot (0477 66 21 42; [email protected]).



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