the price of the ring and the subscription leak

the price of the ring and the subscription leak
the price of the ring and the subscription leak

The price of the Samsung Galaxy Ring and the subscription that could accompany it have been revealed by an indiscreet Source.

This is clear for the price of the Samsung Galaxy Ring as well as that of a subscription which, although this remains to be confirmed, could come with it.

A high price for Samsung’s Galaxy Ring?

It is the recognized leaker Yogesh Brar who says he knows the approximate price of the Korean giant’s first connected ring. According to him, the price of the Galaxy Ring would be between $300 and $350 in the United States. This would place Samsung’s ring at approximately the same price as the Oura Ring 3, which starts at $299 (€329 here) in its “Heritage” version.

Since the Oura ring requires you to pay an additional €5.99 each month in a subscription, it is legitimate to wonder if Samsung will do the same thing. To this question, Yogesh Brar’s sources specify that the Galaxy Ring could be accompanied by a subscription monthly “less than 10 dollars”. However, we do not know whether or not the latter will be mandatory to use the watch.

Towards a subscription linked to the Samsung Health application?

In an interview with our colleagues at CNBC on February 26, Dr. Hon Pak, vice president of Samsung Electronics and head of the digital health team, said that the company is “considering” a subscription service for its Samsung Health app. The latter already processes health data collected on Samsung smartphones and connected watches, such as the Galaxy Watch 6.

The Korean company could thus offer a subscription linked to its Samsung Health application and not specifically to its connected ring. Also according to Dr. Hon Pak, users will be able to obtain different health information between their Galaxy Watch and their Galaxy Ring. Further proof that Samsung does not intend to replace watches with rings, but rather to create synergy between them.

On the same subject: Samsung reveals the monstrous autonomy of the Galaxy Ring

Remember that this information is currently nothing official and that we will probably have to wait for Samsung’s next “Galaxy Unpacked” event which could take place on July 10, 2024.



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