What to see in Montreal? – Maximag.fr

What to see in Montreal? – Maximag.fr
What to see in Montreal? – Maximag.fr

Montreal is a lively and cosmopolitan city full of tourist attractions to discover. Discover our selection of the best things to see in this great French-speaking Quebec city.

The Old Montreal district

Old Montreal is the tourist center of Montreal. It houses a remarkable concentration of buildings dating from the 17th18th and 19th centuries and has the look of a Parisian-style neighborhood. Many of these historic buildings are now hotels, restaurants and art galleries. If you’re looking to base yourself in the city for a few days of sightseeing, this is the best place to stay. Its many historic sites, streets and shops are easy to explore on foot. Among the many things to do in the neighborhood, don’t hesitate to visit the Notre-Dame basilica, stroll along rue Saint-Paul and enjoy the open-air space of Place Jacques-Cartier. In the evening, Old Montreal comes alive with its numerous terraces and restaurants lining the streets.

The Old Port district

As you walk through old Montreal, you will undoubtedly end up arriving in the lively neighborhood of the St. Lawrence River, better known as the Old Port. You will find many activities there, such as a ride on the Ferris wheel, climbing the famous clock tower or the zip line which descends from the heights to the bodies of water of the port. For the less adventurous, you can stroll around the neighborhood or brush up on your knowledge at the Montreal Science Center. To relax, you can also have a coffee and sit on one of the sunny terraces. In summer, boat tours depart from the docks. In winter, put on your skates and take a spin on the huge ice rink.

Quebec’s national parks

What if we left the bustle of Montreal to explore the nature of Quebec ? Don’t hesitate to rent a car here to facilitate your travel to the huge national parks of the country. Think for example of Grands Jardins Parkknown for its unique northern vegetation, Jacques-Cartier National Park perfect for outdoor enthusiasts and camping enthusiasts or even Forillon National Park which offers a multitude of activities at the water’s edge. You can take advantage of it to go fishing or even diving in the company of seals.

The Place des Arts

Place des Arts is a large complex entirely dedicated to the arts, the largest of its kind in Canada. We find there the Montreal Symphony Orchestra, the Grand Ballet Canadien and the Montreal Opera. Its various stages and rehearsal rooms host theater, music, dance shows, films and other events. The place is built around a large esplanade decorated with works of art, fountains and waterfalls. The most important event of this place is the Montreal International Jazz Festival, which is held every year at the end of June. THE Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art is also worth a visit, especially since young French-Canadian artists are highlighted there.

Jean-Drapeau Park

Sainte-Hélène Island, named after the wife of Samuel de Champlain, and the artificial island of Notre-Dame hosted the 1967 Universal Exhibition. They are today known as Parc Jean-Drapeau and offer many attractions for families. The Biosphere, a vestige of the exhibition, is today a environmental museum. The building, designed in the shape of a sphere, is the largest structure of its type in the world. Among the other tourist attractions of the island, the rides and games of La Ronde amusement park will entertain the children. There is also an Olympic pool with rowing competitions and the Gilles Villeneuve circuit where car races are held.

The botanical garden

Overlooking the city, in the park that hosted the 1976 Summer Olympics, Maisonneuve Park is the site of the Montreal botanical garden. The various plants are grown in 30 thematic gardens and 10 exhibition greenhouses, which makes it possible to represent a wide variety of climates. Outdoor gardens include the magnificent Japanese and Chinese gardens, as well as those devoted to medicinal, aquatic and even poisonous plants. The greenhouses house a tropical forest, ferns, orchids and even bonsai. There is also an insectarium as well as ponds housing a wide variety of birds.



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