what happens to Simon’s interpreter in the first season of The Bridgerton Chronicle?

Throughout 2021, we only had the name of Regé-Jean Page To the mouth. And to think that we had never heard of him until then. But with the success of The Bridgerton Chronicles (the first season of which arrived on Netflix at the end of 2020), the interpreter of the sexy Simon, Duke of Hastings has become the darling of the entire world in the blink of an eye. And we can’t say that we didn’t fall for its devastating charm either.

Regé-Jean Page: has the hype passed?

Regé-Jean here, Regé-Jean there, the hype around the actor has only increased and Hollywood opened his arms wide. Suffice to say that he had no regrets in quickly leaving his little friends from Bridgerton… It is also true that the series follows the chronology of Julia Quinn’s books of which it is an adaptation, Simon would have done, at best, the figure.

In short, Regé-Jean Page wasted no time in looking elsewhere to see if the tickets were greener… He therefore chained two big budget films. First there was The Gray Man, a Netflix production. A film mixing action and espionage from the Russo brothers carried by Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans and Ana de Armas. Just entertaining, this film, released on the platform in July 2022, will not leave an indelible mark in the history of cinema.

Then there was Dungeons & Dragons: Thieves’ Honor, adaptation of the famous game. Regé-Jean this time had the chance to rub shoulders – and vice versa – Chris Pine, Michelle Rodriguez and Hugh Grant. Released in April 2023, the film may have proven to be more than pleasant, it did not not met his audience. Good to know, unfortunately its presence is not everything…

photo credit: Shutterstock Chris Pine and Rege-Jean Page in Dungeons & Dragons: Thieves’ Honor (2023)

An actor who makes himself desired…

And since then, what’s new for our friend Regé-Jean? Well… not much. We no longer have any news about the reboot of Holy (announced in 2021), in which he must play the main role, that of the mysterious Simon Templar. In November 2023, however, we learned that a director had finally been found, in this case Doug Liman. A few months earlier, in September 2022, his name was attached to a series project for Prime Video around the legendary duo Butch Cassidy and the Kid (with Regé-Jean in the role of the first and Glenn Powell in that of the second). And no more news since. Finally, in February 2024, his name was added to the prestigious casting of Black Bag, a spy thriller to be directed by Steven Soderbergh. By his side ? Cate Blanchett, Michael Fassbender, Maria Abela, Naomie Harris and Pierce Brosnan. Filming is planned for this summer in Europe.

Ah, we can’t not mention the rumor James Bond, who comes, who goes, with always new suitors to add to the list. Basically, fans of Regé-Jean Page will have to be patient before seeing him again on a screen, big or small.

PS: ah, by the way, what about his love life? The latest news is that the ambassador of Longines and Armani Code Parfum is still in a relationship with Emily Brown. An extremely discreet duo whose last appearance in public dates back to September 2023, when they went to the Venice festival.

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