Football (D3 ACFF B) – Curtis Kabeya on his title of top scorer: “I grew more last year with the descent”

Football (D3 ACFF B) – Curtis Kabeya on his title of top scorer: “I grew more last year with the descent”
Football (D3 ACFF B) – Curtis Kabeya on his title of top scorer: “I grew more last year with the descent”

In the space of two seasons – one under the colors of Solières and the other with the Union Hutoise – Curtis Kabeya will have left his mark on his time in Hut lands. After planting ten roses last season in D2 ACFF, the striker delivered a five-star championship by finding the net twenty-three times and thus earning himself the title of top scorer in D3 ACFF B.

Curtis Kabeya, this title of top scorer had become obvious since the second round…

However, at the start of the season, it was clearly not a goal since I wanted to score fifteen goals. After my first ten roses, when I saw that I was at the top of the ranking of top scorers, I got into the game.

With success since you have never experienced a drop in speed.

I had never scored so many goals in my career. It’s also the first time that I’ve played a whole season as number 9.

How do you explain your excellent form?

Compared to last season, the team was full of confidence. And then, it’s easier to score when a team plays the game. We scored 75 goals and I enjoy playing in a squad with so many talented players. I knew that this season was crucial for me because I wanted to get back to my level. I worked like crazy, even on days off.

A score out of ten to qualify your season?

I’m not one of the self-rating people. I prefer to remain discreet. Being an eternal dissatisfied person and a competitor, I know that I could have contributed more during certain meetings. At 30, I still want to look higher.

Exactly, do you think you have progressed?

Not necessarily. I grew more last season thanks to the descent from Solières. Experiencing relegation is never easy, especially when the group is not united. This year, in such a team, everything was much simpler.

Of your twenty-three goals, which one do you want to highlight?

Without a doubt my lob against Wanze/Bas-Oha in the first leg. Technically, I couldn’t do better. It was also an important match for the city.

Next season, you will join Namur in Nationale 1. A choice guided by the departure of Pascal Bairamjan?

Even if the coach had stayed, I would still have left. After two years in Huy, I needed to see something else. Even if the Union Hutoise wanted to keep me, I no longer wanted to travel alone, since all the Carolos are leaving. At my age, the train only passes once and finding the Nationale 1 was this year or never. I also wanted to find a great atmosphere like there is in Namur.

What will you remember from your adventure in Hut lands?

I met incredible people. When I arrived here, I knew absolutely nothing about the club and I was quickly welcomed as if I had been there for years. When I announced my departure, I received a message from everyone. This shows that Union Hutoise is a family club where life is good.

Unfortunately, your season ended on a false note with your injury.

My leg is in a cast and I have an appointment with the surgeon in the next few days. I hope to be back to take part in the preparation with Namur. Morally, fortunately, everything is going very well. I am lucky to be beautifully surrounded. But rest assured: I intend to give it my all.



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