Football – FC Rouen: what to remember from Charles Maarek’s press conference

Football – FC Rouen: what to remember from Charles Maarek’s press conference
Football – FC Rouen: what to remember from Charles Maarek’s press conference

Will FC Rouen (National) file for bankruptcy? Has Charles Maarek found one – or more – investor(s) capable of getting the club back afloat? What future for the Red Devils?

Video. First part of the press conference

The president of the FCR responded to these numerous questions this Wednesday, May 15, 2024, during a press conference organized in premises at Place du Général-de-Gaulle, in Rouen.

Here is what we should remember from this meeting with the media, which lasted a little over an hour.

There are still offers

After the abandonments of Emmanuel Villette and Jean-Baptiste Fiscel, it was questionable whether offers were still on the table from Charles Maarek. The latter responded in the affirmative: “To say that there are no more offers is false. There are three but it evolves every day. There are people interested, including one who will undoubtedly be present during the match against Dijon. Concerning Jean-Baptiste Fiscel’s offer, it was incomplete. He said he was ready to put up two million euros. No problem ! We asked him to provide us with proof of the funds. He doesn’t want to, he wants to first buy back my shares then provide the proof. This is why I consider that he has never really been in the race until now. »

Passage in front of the DNCG possibly postponed

To give himself a better chance of finding the necessary money, Charles Maarek asked the DNCG for a little more time. “He was asked, through KPMG, not to come straight away. We should pass June 11, which gives us a little month. And if we fail in the first round, we will appeal. But if, on that date, there is no money (of buyer) on a carpa account, it will be over. We have 45 days. »

Video. Second part of the press conference

No merger in sight according to Maarek

Because these uncertain times, the merger project has resurfaced in discussions, it was legitimate to question Charles Maarek on the subject. “It is impossible,” replied the president of the FCR. It was said that it was until May 31 to do so, but it was actually until March 31. No offense to some, Michel Mallet could have been the man for the job, because he knows how to manage a club well. But the sports code prohibits being shareholders of two companies with more than 10%. They (QRM leaders) inquired with the FFF and saw that it was not possible. This subject has been closed in my mind for a month. »

The tackle in the Metropolis

Recently attacked in the press by Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol, Charles Maarek was keen to respond: “When I see that he did not want to welcome me in three years, even when the FCR was doing well… Thanks to him for taking an interest in the club again. But when he asks the management committee to resign, what’s next? We will all resign together the day there is an offer on the table. Before, it was useless, unless someone explained the point to me. I also take this opportunity to say that the Metropolis still owes €100,000 to the FCR. She will tell me that she wants an up-to-date URSAFF certificate, everyone knows that I don’t have it. Except it was voted that they owed us that money. It’s not an exceptional grant, it’s what they owe us. I call it retention. »

The multiple bankruptcy filings of the FCR

Accustomed to bankruptcy filings, the FCRA will again experience the same fate. We will still have to wait to find out, but the fact that history repeats itself calls out to the Rouen president: “When, since the 90s, things have almost always ended in the same way for successive presidents, that raises questions… If it was only me who was the bad manager… We have to ask ourselves the question question. People are fed up, it’s the last straw. »



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