An accident involving four cars leaves six injured at the entrance to Soissons

A road accident occurred shortly after 6 p.m., avenue Jean-Monnet in Soissons. Three cars were involved. Six people were transported to hospital by firefighters in relative emergency.

A 20-year-old young man who was driving towards the Archer roundabout at the wheel of a white Nissan Qashqai lost control of his vehicle and veered into the other lane. A Citroen Berlingo coming in the opposite direction was unable to avoid it despite making a right turn and was hit in the left rear door. Two women aged 79 and 55 who were on board were treated by firefighters and sent to Soissons hospital.

This Citroën Berlingo was hit at the rear door, passenger side.

The white Qashqai stopped, colliding with a third vehicle: a black Qashqai which was transporting a 49-year-old woman and two young girls aged 19 and 15, all three of whom were taken to hospital.

A fourth vehicle, a Mercedes A-Class, was damaged in the accident area. Arriving just after these two impacts, its driver steered to the right and hit a concrete block located on the side of the road.

The alcohol and drug tests carried out on the 20-year-old man who caused the accident were negative.

Avenue Jean-Monnet is the axis that enters Soissons, when you come from Villers-Cotterêts and Paris, in continuity with the Archer roundabout, a very busy intersection, particularly between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. To allow emergency services to intervene, traffic was cut off in one direction: it was impossible to enter Soissons from there until all the vehicles involved were cleared, around 7:30 p.m.

The white Qashqai stopped, colliding head-on with a third vehicle: a black Qashqai.


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