Vote for the Public Prize of the 2024 Business Trophies of the CPME de la Somme

On the occasion of the third edition of the Company trophies, seven prizes will be awarded during a ceremony which will take place on May 21 at 6:30 p.m. at the Abbeville theater. This is the first time that the CPME of the Somme, chaired by Pascal Fradcourt, has offered this evening outside of Amiens, testimony to the employers’ organization’s desire to shine throughout the department.

Apart from the public prize, winners will be chosen in the categories: CSR commitment, equal opportunities, digital transformation and innovation, economic growth, international development and customer service. A jury composed of members of the CPME office will designate the winners of these six categories. But for the Audience Award, it’s up to you to vote. The nominees are: Learners’ workshop (Amiens) Maison Dubois (kitchens, Abbeville) Malterre (Moreuil) Everything for the worker (Abbeville) Camping du Grand Pré (Long) In the majestic setting of the Abbeville theater, the evening promises to be grandiose with the musical participation of Sandra Moubarak and Antony Leroy. The evening will be sponsored by Olympic medalist swimmer Jeremy Stravius ​​and former sports journalist and presenter Henri Sannier. Free registration here.

Atelier des Apprentants (Amiens) Former Paris and Amiens firefighter, Laurent Scarabin created his training organization, L’Atelier des Apprentants, in 2021. An organization which trains, among other things, rescue and the fight against fire risks. He works in numerous industrial companies in the northern part of France.

Maison Dubois (Abbeville) All Abbeville residents know the kitchen utensil trading store, visible behind the covered market. Created in 1919, it is still one of those “good houses” of Abbeville, whose name inspires confidence and recommends the productions.

Malterre (Moreuil) Malterre, a knitted textile factory based in Moreuil, continues to innovate in the sector of manufacturing mobile fencing tracks, which it exports throughout the world and which are used by athletes ahead of the Games Paris 2024 Olympics.


Everything for the worker (Abbeville) Everything for the worker in Abbeville, in Abbeville, is much more than a brand of clothing and work materials. The brand with its narrow façade, covered by an awning, opened 100 years ago, in the city center. Apart from professionals, schoolchildren bought their chemistry coats there. Thanks to the internet, the brand has developed its activities.

Abbeville – Everything for the worker – a brand that has existed for 100 years. Ludovic Lefillatre, store manager. Photo Manon Cruz
Abbeville – Everything for the worker – a brand that has existed for 100 years. Ludovic Lefillatre, store manager. Photo Manon Cruz – ICC

Camping du Grand Pré (Long) A haven of peace in the heart of the Somme valley, Camping du Grand Pré focuses on simplicity and tranquility. It offers a relaxing waterside getaway, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Outdoor accommodation promises an authentic experience at Camping Grand Pré. A place where relaxation is king, for total immersion in preserved nature. Located in the marshes of Long and Longpré-les-Corps-Saints, the campsite is a popular spot for fishermen.



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