When rain and inflation come to the traditional May 6th fair in Millau

The traditional May 6 fair in Millau took its time to get started. Rain and finances oblige.

Empty bags and open umbrellas. This is the image of the traditional May 6 fair. It took place this Monday in the streets of the city of the glove. A day that traders would have preferred sunny. As for visitors, there are no crowds. Weather and condition of the wallet in question.

At the end of the morning, traders set up their stands. And this, a few hours after the launch of the event. “Many of them waited for the rain to pass”, explains Philippe who runs a jewelry stand on Boulevard de Bonald. Along avenues de la République and de l’Ayrolle, at 11 a.m., the fairgrounds are still setting up tables and positioning their products. And for good reason, the showers followed one another leaving visitors and sellers doubtful about the rest of the day.

The rain came.
Midi Libre Millau – Laura Vaillant

Preserve your wallet

Place de La Capelle is not a joy either. “I haven’t sold anything since this morning”, crashes this candy seller. Millavois and people passing through stroll along the stands, and rarely stop. A few curious looks sometimes, but not enough to take the plunge. “I’m not going to have any use for it.”estimates this passer-by in front of a vegetable cutter, before hitting the road again.

“Before I sold watches for 5 euros. My supplier increased his prices, so a year ago I increased mine to 8 euros. And in Millau and even in Lunel, we quickly had comments from surprised customers .” It must be said that for Philippe, coming from Lunel represents a certain cost, particularly mileage, which he must amortize. So any savings are good to make, even changing wholesalers for certain products and turning to the internet for similar and less expensive merchandise.

Due to inflation, prices have increased for some.
Midi Libre Millau – Laura Vaillant

Philippe, a showman since 1998 and a regular at the Millau fair since 2000, has seen the change take place. Especially in recent years. “The Internet got us into it”he explains, referring to the prices that certain sites offer for equivalent products. “We have to go back to basics and support small traders”, supports a gold-plated jewelry seller on Boulevard de la Capelle. Barges and onlookers can already hope for better weather for May 17, the date of the rental fair.



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