What is the conflict between Guillaume Meurice and France Inter?

A controversy that has been growing since the Hamas attacks on Israel on October 7. On France Inter, comedian Guillaume Meurice then sparked a lively controversy about the Israeli Prime Minister. First called to order, he could ultimately be fired by management after repeating his remarks.

A few days after October 7, Guillaume Meurice compared Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to France Inter on “a Nazi without a foreskin”. A “joke” which caused controversy both on social networks and among the management of Radio France. Last October, the comedian “simply” received a warning. However, Guillaume Meurice reiterated his comments last Sunday. This time, the management was more severe towards the columnist by removing him from the air with a view to potential dismissal.

Guillaume Meurice supported within France Inter

In the person of Charline Vanhoenacker, host of the show “Le Grand Dimanche” who was one of the first to support the comedian. This Sunday, May 5, on France Inter, she started the show by emphasizing solidarity within the teams: “Solidarity still exists, and it’s the best defense. ». Voluntarily and symbolically, one seat remained empty throughout the show. A symbol to mark the absence of the columnist “punished” by management.

But one support in particular caught the attention of listeners, that of Djamil Le Shlag. In support of his colleague, the comedian decided to resign live and during his column: “Who do you think you’re scaring? [la direction de France Inter] with your threats of layoff? Personally, I am an Arab in France, I have always been threatened with being fired.[…] I draw conclusions by retiring from public service after the showit was my last column.[…] “.

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A feeling of déjà vu…

This is not the first time that an “identical” situation has occurred both in the public service and in the private sector. In 2010, and on France Inter, Stéphane Guillon had already paid the price. After making fun of management in a column, Guillon was then fired. Still on the same station but this time in 2017 (presidential year), Pierre-Emmanuel Barré had also been removed from the air. The reason for this sanction followed a video published on the Internet in which the columnist defended abstentionism.

In the private sector, this type of decision was also right Sébastien Thoen. On Canal +, Thoen was fired after parodying his CNEWS colleague, Pascal Praud. Sanctions that put freedom of expression back into public debate.

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