If you liked My Little Reindeer on Netflix, here are 5 series you absolutely must watch! – News Series

If you liked My Little Reindeer on Netflix, here are 5 series you absolutely must watch! – News Series
If you liked My Little Reindeer on Netflix, here are 5 series you absolutely must watch! – News Series

“My Little Reindeer” is the latest Netflix phenomenon. To find five other series in the same spirit, here is our small selection.

Whether you devoured My Little Reindeer in one go or over several days, there is a good chance that the series will have shocked you. In just a few days, the story of creator Richard Gadd has established itself as a true phenomenon like Netflix knows how to create. To continue the experience, AlloCiné offers you five series which are in the same genre. Watch out, not for the faint-hearted.

Swarm (Prime Video)

Imagined by Donald Glover, also known as Childish Gambino, the Swarm series takes the theme of obsession even further. The story focuses on the world of popstars and more particularly their fan communities. We follow the destiny of Dre, a fervent admirer of the singer Ni’Jah – fictional version of Beyoncé.

Her love for the artist is such that it will push her to commit the irreparable: murder. With a much lighter tone than My Little Reindeer, Swarm does not remain a dark and interesting series centered on a character who completely loses touch with reality. You won’t see groupies like before.

Relentless (Netflix)

Here too, the tone is different, but the Acharnés series has many points in common with My Little Reindeer. The plot begins with a simple incident on the road which brings together two strangers. This altercation, as happens every day in cities, will turn the daily lives of the two characters into madness.

Determined to find each other and ruin their respective lives, they will embark on an investigation to find information about each other. Their new confrontation will only be more brutal. Thanks to its incisive writing and excellent performances, Acharnés is a series not to be missed under any circumstances.

You (Netflix)

It has become an emblematic production of the Netflix platform and in the “obsession-stalking” department, it is difficult to miss. Joe is a charming man on the surface but in reality, he is nothing like that. When he sets his eyes on Beck in a New York bookstore, the angst for viewers has only just begun.

Much more conventional in its form, You is a thousand miles from My Little Reindeer, but its two stalker characters alone justify the comparison. In total, the series has 4 seasons. The fifth should arrive towards the end of the year.

I May Destroy You (Prime Video)

Here is another shock, similar to that of My Little Reindeer. Created and starred by the British Michaela Coel, this series is inspired by its author’s own story, that of a sexual assault in a nightclub. I May Destroy You focuses on the different stages of reconstruction, an obstacle course for victims of sexual violence.

Trauma, regaining speech, emerging from shame… All these subjects are also addressed in My Little Reindeer with the same finesse of spirit and the same sense of experience. The major asset is the exceptional performance of its lead actress, Michaela Coel.

Ripley (Netflix)

Ripley is certainly the series in this selection which is the furthest from My Little Reindeer. It nevertheless deserves its place for two reasons. The first, because it is one of the best fictions ever produced by Netflix and it was released just before that of Richard Gadd. The second reason, because it contains one of the greatest manipulative characters in literature and cinema, Tom Ripley, a man ready to do anything to ruin the lives of those who cross his path.



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