No to the “Clash of Knowledge”, a national day of mobilization on Saturday May 25 for public schools!

Our organizations have been mobilized against the “Clash of Knowledge” for several months. We denounce this set of measures, from the first degree to the second degree, which outlines the contours of an outdated and conservative school model. It aims to generalize the sorting of students from a very young age, in particular by level groups, but also by conditioning direct access to high school by the establishment of prepa-secondary classes in general, technological or vocational high schools, in making the certificate a barrier to entry into high school. The “Clash of Knowledge” is a frontal attack against public schools. It is synonymous with an unprecedented step backwards, looking back on the achievements of 60 years of educational democratization. It is also a certain vision of society that is outlined, that of sorting and social assignment, dangerous for our democracy. A country where young people find themselves assigned to their educational and social positions is in serious democratic danger.

Our organizations strongly reaffirm their attachment to the educational project of public, secular, free and compulsory schools: welcoming all students everywhere without distinction of any kind, being ambitious for everyone, respecting and participating in true freedom of conscience, particularly through the construction of critical thinking around scientifically validated knowledge.

Today, the public education service is going through an unprecedented crisis: recruitment crisis, resignations, staff who demonstrate a loss of meaning in their profession… Like the public hospital, the public school It is not far from collapse even though it must have the means to be a school of first chance. We cannot resign ourselves to it! For several months, we have been engaged in mobilizing against the “Clash of Knowledge” and in defense of public schools, bringing together more and more education personnel over the days, weeks and months. national and parents of students. Let’s continue and amplify the mobilization!

Our organizations are calling on families, teachers, educational staff, volunteers and activists from popular education associations, high school students, students and all those involved in the project of a public, secular and emancipatory school to demonstrate on Saturday, May 25 , in the region or in Paris, for public schools and to say “no to the Shock of Knowledge”. Together, let’s create a community around school!



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