After Dune 2, Zendaya is a hit at the cinema with a film that really has nothing to do with Denis Villeneuve’s SF fresco

Culture news After Dune 2, Zendaya is a hit at the cinema with a film that really has nothing to do with Denis Villeneuve’s SF fresco

Published on 01/05/2024 at 12:50

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If you are the type who is mainly interested in pop culture or sci-fi, you may have discovered Zendaya with Spider-Man or Dune by Denis Villeneuve. Recently, she played the main role in a film which has nothing to do with it, but which is a hit at the cinema.

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Zendaya emancipates herself from pop culture and sci-fi

While her most passionate fans surely know her since her debut on Disney Channel or at least thanks to the series Euphoria, Zendaya was really discovered by the general public by playing secondary characters in legendary sagas. Thus, we were able to see her alongside Tom Holland in the Spiderman of the MCU or alongside Timothée Chalamet in the adaptation of Dune directed by Denis Villeneuve. Considered today as one of the most popular young actresses of the moment, Zendaya now appears at the heart of a new film that has nothing to do with pop culture or science fiction.

Since Wednesday April 24, you can indeed see Zendaya starring in the film Challengersdirected by Luca Guadagnino (Call Me By Your Name). With Josh O’Connor (The Crown) And Mike Faist (West Side Story), she performs a tennis player extremely talented who goes quickly form a relationship with two other players. The entire film then takes the form of a tennis match between the two men, all sprinkled with flashbacks to learn more about their relationship and the issues that lead to this famous duel at the top. Currently in theaters in France, the film was also released on Friday April 26 in the United States, and suffice to say that it is a real success.

Game, set and match for his new film

If you still doubted Zendaya’s ability to bring people back to theaters just to see her, the film Challengers might just change your mind. Indeed, while the feature film talks about a very specific subject (tennis) without taking the side of dealing with actual players, it achieved the feat of placing at the top of the American box office in its first weekend of operation. In recent days, Challengers has indeed managed to accumulate no less than $15 million against 7.7 million for Unsung Hero, the second in the American ranking (which is also in its first weekend of operation). Of course, other films released several weeks ago are still in the rankings like Godzilla x Kong in third place (7.2 million), Civil War in fourth place (7 million) and Abigail in fifth place (5.2 million).

On Rotten TomatoesChallengers seems to convince both the press and spectators with a score of 88% for the first and 76% for the second. Critics generally cite a very convincing performance from the trio of actors as well as a very well maintained pace. Obviously, the sexual and romantic tension between the characters manages to leave an impression on most spectators, which will certainly delight fans of the genre. If you don’t mind a little romantic and sporting rivalry and you like well-paced films, you can therefore discover Challengers at the cinema for the next few weeks.

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