Who is Cerise, 27 years old, the third wife of singer Renaud?

Who is Cerise, 27 years old, the third wife of singer Renaud?
Who is Cerise, 27 years old, the third wife of singer Renaud?

VS’is a beautiful novel, it’s a beautiful story… At 71, Renaud marries for the third time by marrying his partner Cerise, who has now lived by his side for two years. A new chapter that the singer himself no longer thought he would open… In 2018, he came out exhausted from a grueling tour which left him on his knees, following several stays in clinics, Covid and his confinement, with a real blow morally…

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But as always, the phoenix has proven that he can be reborn from his ashes: from 2022, his friends found him changed, happy, energized like never before… He changes his haircut, trims his beard, loses a few kilos, s he lingers longer than usual in Paris instead of staying in his lair of Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, in short, he experiences love at first sight. The lucky lady is Christine, in her forties, two children, a seamstress and accessories designer who met a few years earlier on the show’s TV set. Thank you Renaud. “She wore cherry earrings, unforgettable!” That’s why I call her Cerise,” the singer told Parisian.

With Cerise, he experiences a new spring

They then meet again in the spring of 2022, the seamstress gets back in touch when she turns 70 to offer him a custom-made bandana shirt. “It touched me,” continued the singer. We talked, I invited her for coffee at home, in Paris, then in Provence, then on vacation in Cap-Ferret. It makes me want to travel, to take her to Venice, to Greece, to the island of Patmos where I spent the best vacation of my life. » If it’s not love…

Renaud is like a little boy, very sensitiveA relative of the singer

“Renaud is like a little boy, very sensitive,” says a relative. When he has someone by his side, he is on target, he can move forward. And as Cerise is much younger than him, he wants to spend as much time as possible by her side. It was for her that he went back on stage, to give himself a challenge, to prove to her that he was capable of it, even though it was still quite risky…”

But why marry again, having already married two women – Dominique Quilichini and Romane Serda – with whom he remained close? “He’s like that, he’s a great romantic. He always married the women he loved, continues this relative. It’s his family side, he’s not showbiz at all, he stays very far from all that… He courted her, he struggled to seduce her. He wanted it, it brings him peace, serenity. She also straightened him out a little: with her, he stopped the abuse, the drinking, the cigarettes…”

READ ALSO Dave makes a blunder on Renaud’s upcoming weddingShe is also there at every concert, during this tour, called In my ropes, which he started last year and which continues until December 2024. Vigilant, reassuring, like a guardian angel for this skinned soul who tires quickly on stage. “When he sings a love song, when he talks about “his girl”, she then lights a lighter in the room, a little glow. He suddenly knows where she is…”

The interpreter of “Mistral Winner” also changed his tune by buying a pied-à-terre near Nantes, in Trentemoult, the former fishing village with colorful houses located on the banks of the Loire, a region of where Christine is from, as told West France. The singer spends peaceful days there, in the company of his two stepsons and the cat Cajou, while dividing his time between Paris and his villa in Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, in Vaucluse. With Cerise, he experiences a new spring, well aware of his luck, like a bonus that he no longer expected. “Being in love changes your life!” confided the artist a few months ago on RTL. It helps us to live, to bear the inevitability that we are going to die one day…”



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