PHOTOS Laeticia Hallyday at the wedding of a Top Chef juror with an actress, she displays her impressive lower back

By Caroline Perrin | Journalist

Obelix of the celebrity press, she fell into it when she was little and never really left the pot. His favorite pastime? Scour the social networks of stars to find clues about breakups or new couples still kept secret.

On May 14, Dominique Crenn, current juror of “Top chef”, married her long-time partner, the famous actress Maria Bello. A ceremony organized in Los Cabos in Mexico, under the eyes of many prestigious guests including Laeticia Hallyday, who had focused everything on her look…

PHOTOS Laeticia Hallyday at the wedding of a Top Chef juror with an actress, she displays her impressive lower back

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By settling in Los Angeles, California with Johnny Hallyday, Laeticia Hallyday made many friends. Some are famous and Dominique Crenn, latest recruit among the jurors of Top chef, is now part of it. This is the reason why Laeticia was invited to the wedding of the new M6 star. The ceremony took place on May 14 in Los Cabos, Mexico.facing the sea. A grandiose ceremony during which Dominique Crenn and his wife, actress Maria Bello, shone in outfits by Dior.

Images of the party and the ceremony were revealed by the brides, over the moon at having been able to bring together all their loved ones and make them witnesses to their happiness: “We did it ! We were so blessed this weekend to celebrate our union surrounded by family and friends. Thank you everyone for coming forward to experience this adventure with us! We promise to love each other, stay curious and always dance and find joy.” Dominique Crenn said on Instagram.

Laeticia Hallyday reveals impressive sagging of the back

New images were revealed by certain guests, including Laeticia Hallyday. And suffice to say that with the dress that Jade and Joy’s mother had chosen, she almost stole the show from the two stars of the day. Laeticia had opted for a dress with a very particular cut. THE crop top long sleeves and turtleneck was connected to the skirt part by a large steel medallion with bluish stones positioned in the center of her stomach. A cut which therefore allowed us to see the perfect curves of Laeticia Hallyday as well asan impressive lower back thanks to a bare back what his outfit offered.

Laeticia published several images from the party. A first photo shows her on the arm of the two young brides. A video reveals the exchange of vows between Dominique Crenn and Maria Bello. Another shows the brides dancing and the last highlights Laeticia and two of her friends on the dance floor. This celebration, synonymous with love and happiness, Laeticia would not have missed it for the world: “A week ago we celebrated love. What an incredible wedding! Words cannot express the joy that filled my heart to witness such a beautiful union between two souls. Your harmony is simply magical. […] It reminds us that true love knows no bounds.“A situation that Laeticia experienced very well with the love of her life, Johnny.



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