No, a Ukrainian woman did not win the “world sex championship”

The news made the rounds on social media this week. A young Ukrainian woman would have won “ the world sex championship » in Spain, at the end of March. Alerted by a Congolese listener, the Info Verif cell verified this information which had gone viral. In reality, the event is not official and the winner is not Ukrainian. This is a new fake news story pushed by Russian propaganda with the aim of depicting a decadent Ukraine.

Did a Ukrainian woman recently win the “ world sex championship » ? This is what thousands of Internet users have been saying, wrongly, in recent days. The same photo, seen millions of times, accompanies each of these publications. We see a young blonde woman, all smiles, posing with her certificate as winner of the 2024 world sex championship. Nausi Love, from her stage, holds a blue and yellow flag on her shoulders. Those who share this photo claim that Nausi Love would be called “ Olesia Prikhodko », and that she would be from Ukraine. “ The Ukrainian managed to satisfy 210 men (…) and the war in all that “, an Internet user is indignant in a tweet with more than 512,000 views, ” the depravity of Ukraine », Comments another.

Many comments share the narrative of a “decadent” Ukraine. © Screenshots/RFI montage

Except that in reality, Nausi Love is not Ukrainian. This 26-year-old sex worker, whom we contacted, confirmed to us that she was Swedish. “ My name is Nausi Love. Recently, on Twitter, Telegram and other sites there have been a lot of messages saying that I am Ukrainian, and that my name is Olesia Prikhodko. All this is false. I’m only Swedish “.

Interview with Nausi Love.


The photo in which she is holding her flag has been deliberately cropped, so that the Swedish flag she is carrying resembles the Ukrainian flag, also yellow and blue.

The original photo was cropped to make the Swedish flag appear like the Ukrainian flag. © Screenshots/RFI montage

Fundamentally, too, there is some falsehood. Some claim that Nausi Love would have “ slept with 210 men to win the competition », a completely invented figure. “ It was also claimed that my husband was fighting on the front in Ukraine, or that I was Russian, which is not the case », adds Nausi Love who discovered this fake news when waking up and seeing her Telegram account “ filled with messages from Russia and Ukraine “.

A world sex championship?

Is there really a world sex championship? Presented as an official competition and recognized by certain media and Internet users, the subject raises many questions on social networks. In reality, there is no official championship. Sex is not recognized as a sporting activity in Sweden or elsewhere. This event was organized by a private entity calling itself “the Swedish Sex Federation”.

A deliberately misleading name since this organization is not recognized by the Swedish National Sports Confederation, nor other countries. This competition is a private initiative launched by a Swede. The 2024 edition brought together in Spain around ten X-rated actors and sex workers who came “ from everywhere, from the United States, Colombia, Iran, Sweden, but not from Ukraine », explains Nausi Love.

Presenting Ukraine as a decadent country

According to our research, this false information was first published by Russian-speaking Internet users on Telegram and VKontatke. Among them, there are many accounts identified as important vectors of Russian propaganda. This is the case of Olga Skabeyeva, Russian journalist, a real star of the Kremlin’s official media.

type="image/webp">The fake news first appeared in Russian before going viral on prominent social networks.
The fake news first appeared in Russian before going viral on prominent social networks. © Screenshots/RFI montage

The rumor then went viral on Which prompted one of our listeners to alert us to sort out the truth from the falsehood.

type="image/webp">Several websites have used this information in order to generate clicks.
Several websites have used this information in order to generate clicks. © Screenshots/RFI montage

The initial objective of this fake news, reshared by some only to generate clicks, is to present Ukraine and more generally the West as decadent. This narrative has been omnipresent in official Russian discourse since the start of the war in Ukraine. A few months ago, Russian propaganda claimed that a Ukrainian porn actress was a candidate in her country’s presidential election, but again, it was a fake.



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