Windows 11 has never had so many users, but we are still far from there

Windows 11 has never had so many users, but we are still far from there
Windows 11 has never had so many users, but we are still far from there

Windows 11 is slowly making up ground on Windows 10 in June, reaching its peak users since launch. But the gap still remains enormous between the two versions as Microsoft redoubles its efforts to encourage the transition to its latest OS.

Source : Microsoft

As every month, the Statcounter organization provides us with the latest figures concerning the user base of the PC universe, and more precisely, the different versions of Windows most used.

Recently, we reported that Windows 11 was losing ground to its predecessor, Windows 10. This was a first for the latest version of an OS that, normally, only progresses with users.

But it seems that the trend is reversing for Windows 11 which has found its way back to “popularity” with Windows users.

Windows 11 reaches 30% market share

The latest report from Statcounter for the month of June 2024 is therefore more positive for Microsoft’s latest OS: Windows 11 increased by 2.14% while Windows 10 lost 2.23% of its users. The gap remains significant when we know that Windows 11 is at 29.7%, far behind Windows 10 at 66.1%.

Source : Statcounter

Microsoft’s efforts therefore seem to be paying off, as the firm has been redoubling its efforts to encourage its users to upgrade to Windows 11 in recent months. And it is important to remember that the end of official support for Windows 10 is dated October 14, 2025. However, there will be two solutions for users who want to stay on Windows 10: pay a subscription to Microsoft to continue receiving updates or subscribe to this start-up’s alternative offer.

For many, making the transition to Windows 11 is a considerable obstacle, the various interface updates are not to everyone’s taste (especially the Start menu) and for many, the system remains less efficient than its predecessor.

But once in October 2025, things could well change: a portion of users will naturally switch to Windows 11 to continue to receive security updates while those who do not have a compatible machine will have to equip themselves with a more advanced PC. recent.

The road will still be long for Microsoft, if the firm manages to convince its users of the interest of AI with Copilot within Windows 11 in particular. And in view of our first tests, it is not yet won.



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