Motorola launches 100% AI-designed campaign

Motorola launches 100% AI-designed campaign
Motorola launches 100% AI-designed campaign

Motorola is making a comeback with a new campaign entirely designed with artificial intelligence! This was carried out in collaboration with the heaven agency. Thus, on the occasion of the launch of its new folding smartphones, the Razr 50 and Razr 50 Ultra and its partnership with Pantone, Motorola reaffirms its commitment to innovation and fashion.

FYI, the campaign “ Styled With Moto » is the culmination of four months of intensive research and work by a team that used no fewer than nine different AI-powered tools.

When fashion and innovation intertwine

The campaign film, by heaven, features a series of models wearing fashion outfits inspired by Motorola’s famous Batwing logo, created using AI. The six colors of these iconic smartphones are highlighted through each outfit, in this unique film that brings together different fashion worlds (runways and photoshoots).

Photo credit: heaven

With this bold campaign, Motorola is positioning itself not only as a technology leader, but also as a fashion icon. The new Razr 50 and Razr 50 Ultra models are not only cutting-edge devices, but also true fashion accessories intended for those who want to combine style and innovation. Smartphones are also equipped with AI, both in the photo/creation part and in the assistant part.

Note that each outfit, developed from thousands of images generated by artificial intelligence, was carefully selected for its style and materials. These images were then transformed to integrate Motorola’s Batwings in the most natural and aesthetic way possible, then upscaled and animated, all using AI tools. Finally, the film’s soundtrack, also generated with AI, includes the famous jingle ” Hello Moto “, merging tradition and innovation.

An impactful device

At the launch party, 150 portraits of guests dressed in Motorola Batwing outfits were exhibited. They were accompanied by a real outfit ” Motorola Dress » designed in collaboration with Scotomalab, a creative studio focused on textiles. This event underlines Motorola’s desire to sustainably establish itself in the world of fashion.

The film was shown during the launch event as well as on Motorola’s social platforms. The campaign is also supplemented by an influence component. In particular with two content creators (@dressingleloo & @thedwardsad) who imagined a video presenting outfits to match the different colors of the phone.

By combining the constant evolution of fashion with its own renaissance, Motorola demonstrates that innovation and style can go hand in hand. This campaign embodies the brand’s vision: a future where technology and fashion meet to create unique and inspiring experiences.

To learn more about heaven, visit its dedicated page!

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