Nice. This new restaurant replaces an institution: “We made the business evolve”

Nice. This new restaurant replaces an institution: “We made the business evolve”
Nice. This new restaurant replaces an institution: “We made the business evolve”


Manon Reinhardt

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June 17, 2024 at 7:02 p.m.

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The Guardian Angel, installed for around thirty years under the arcades, is no more. About a month ago, a new establishment came to replace it: the Port Brewery. It is in this district of Nice (Alpes-Maritimes), of the same name as the restaurant, that Matthieu Pivet has chosen to invest, on the Place de l’Ile-de-Beauté.

Already the owner of Garibaldi, not far from here, he wants to revive the place while preserving its DNA. We met him with his team.

An “operating model” that he wants to “duplicate”

The Guardian Angel, here for several decades and well known to regulars, has given way to a brand new decoration. Behind this brand new furniture, the Brasserie du port, run by Matthieu Pivet. “We have established an operating model at Garibaldi for several years and we are seeking to duplicate it in other Nice districts,” explains the boss.

Starting with the port, due to “the immediate proximity of the two businesses”. But the two businesses offer very different options: a “real brasserie service” at Garibaldi, breakfast service at the Brasserie du Port. There is also an emphasis on signature cocktails.

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Above all, and it was a bit of the soul of the former establishment, broadcasting football matches. Like Euro 2024 which has just opened and, obviously, the matches contested by OGC Nice. “There is always the Nice eagle, which is 30 years old just behind the bar! »

The restaurant can accommodate up to 150 people and benefits from a large half-sunny, half-shaded terrace. (©Manon Reinhardt / news Nice)

Developments without touching “the fundamentals”

As for the cuisine, Garibaldi’s “best-sellers” have been included. Every lunchtime, three suggestions. That day, mussels marinière with Roquefort, rump steak heart and semi-cooked salmon. Between 12 and 14.50 euros. “We are very affordable in terms of price. »

Since then, attendance has been very encouraging. Even if, the first week, it was “the Gobi desert, the time for everyone to see what we are offering,” says Matthieu Pivet.

“We evolved the business but we kept the fundamentals,” he assures. And for what developments? “Just about everything, the furniture, the aesthetics, the service, the diversity of dishes. »

The previous owners had maintained prices which were no longer market prices. We were 1.60 euros per coffee, now we can no longer afford it. They remained on the same line after having bought it in liquidation. This limited their investment power. But what they did, they did very well!

Matthew PivetManager of the Brasserie du Port

It was formerly called “the Brasserie du Vieux-Port”

What this restaurant manager is waiting for in particular is the future convention center which, according to the latest news, was to be built on the Infernet quay in order to host the United Nations summit on the ocean in June 2025. “For the port, that would be exceptional. For the delegates and for everyone. »

The one that was once called the Brasserie du Vieux-Port – before it became the Guardian Angel – finally (almost) returned to its original name. ” But I I am not from Marseille, we are from Nice here! », laughs the chef.

It will therefore be the Brasserie du Port, which is now going from “small to medium structure”, and if the rehabilitation work on the Place de l’Ile-de-beauté comes to fruition, why not, “from medium to large”.

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