Microsoft sows doubt with its Copilot + PC Recall function

Microsoft sows doubt with its Copilot + PC Recall function
Microsoft sows doubt with its Copilot + PC Recall function
Are you going to keep Microsoft’s Recall?

With the “Recall” functionality, Microsoft should offer in a future update of Windows 11 the possibility of continuously recording what is happening on the PC screen. This potential will be available natively with the next Copilot +PC PCs. The goal: with the help of artificial intelligence (AI), make it possible to easily find elements that occurred at a given time.

Available on machines optimized with a Snapdragon X Plus or X Elite processor from June 18, according to this page, this functionality however raises many questions in terms of power and volume of data to process. Indeed, continuous recording will require considerable resources, potentially impacting machine performance, particularly in the long term when disk space is scarce.

Privacy issues

The usefulness of this very intrusive feature (inspired by Timeline) is also called into question. Wouldn’t it make more sense to optimize Windows search for specific items rather than recording the entire screen almost constantly? When will the user’s expression be continuously recorded through their webcam?

Indeed, the confidentiality of data use is a crucial point to consider. In the event of a security issue, for example, sensitive data could be exposed, raising legitimate concerns about the protection of users’ personal information and data.

A necessary question

Even if it has planned different safeguards and settings, Microsoft will have to convince users of the relevance of this new functionality. Transparency about the security measures put in place will be essential to allay fears, but probably not enough for users concerned about the use of their data.

While the idea of ​​continuous screen recording may seem practical, it is not without serious technical and potentially ethical challenges. Connected users can only wonder about this appetite for immeasurable data and information from technology giants.


The “Find” feature depicted by Microsoft (italics)

You can use Find with Copilot+ PCs to find content you’ve already viewed on your device. Rediscover is currently in its infancy; During this phase, we will collect customer feedback, develop more options for business customers to manage and govern data related to Retrouver, and improve the overall user experience. On devices not equipped with a Snapdragon® X processor, installing a Windows update will be required to use Retrouver.

Currently, Find is optimized for select languages, including English, Simplified Chinese, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish. In other words, Retrouver is able to retrieve snapshots of your PC timeline based on more advanced searches in these languages. During the first phase, we will optimize the functionality for other languages. The Find feature can also retrieve snapshots of your PC timeline based on “text-to-text” searches in over 160 languages.

More information about Recall on the Microsoft website

Technical details

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