who to succeed Tim Cook at the head of the company?

who to succeed Tim Cook at the head of the company?
who to succeed Tim Cook at the head of the company?

While the Vision Pro project was launched with some success, the question of replacing Tim Cook at the head of Apple is now raised.

Who to replace Tim Cook at the head of Apple? The question is probably worth millions of dollars as it is one of the unknowns of the coming years. The right-hand man of the late Steve Jobs took the helm of the company in 2011 and has already indicated that he should probably hand over the reins by 2030.

Rumors surrounding his succession are the subject of revelations from Bloomberg, which already indicates that the name of Jeff Williams, who had appeared as one of the probable candidates, is no longer mentioned due to his age – he is two years younger than Tim Cook. He supervises many things at Apple, such as design, customer service, but also the health part and the Apple Watch.

Can John Ternus replace Tim Cook?

For the American media, it is John Ternus, who we saw a lot during the presentation of the iPad Pro M4, who would be on the line. One of his main assets is none other than his age, he is only 50, which would allow him to maintain stability at the head of Apple without the risk of having to change bosses after just a few years:

“He is very calm, he never writes anything controversial in emails,” reveals an executive. He is also said to be “precautionary”, just like his company.

John Ternus during the presentation of the new iPad Pro – Tech&Co

Whoever occupies the position of senior vice president of hardware engineering especially has the support of Eddy Cue, a veteran of Apple, who carries considerable weight in the decision-making process.

“He never failed in any of the roles in which he evolved,” even says Christopher Stringer, a former Apple designer, who describes him as “a trustworthy person”.

Bloomberg nevertheless explains that its lack of involvement in major projects, such as the Vision Pro or the Apple car, could harm it. But the vehicle having finally been canceled, we can’t really blame him. But it is also his lack of charisma which is singled out by his detractors. This is perhaps why he was very present during the conference on May 7, and that we will see him again during the one expected for WWDC 2024 in June. Bloomberg also speaks of “preparation” on his part.

A preparation which also allowed him to appear in a long CNBC interview last December, and in which he appeared very comfortable.

Things can obviously change between now and 2030, but at a time when Apple is seeing sales of its iPhone decline, and can no longer fully rely on this lever to achieve record financial results, time long and the future vision of future candidates for Tim Cook’s position are likely to be major assets.

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