ENNOVI Optimizes EV Battery Module Cell Contact System Design with Advanced Capabilities

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Latest research and detailed material testing promises to improve the manufacturing efficiency, reliability and environmental sustainability of EV batteries

SINGAPORE, May 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ —ENNOVI,a partner in mobility electrification solutions, presents ainnovative approach to laminating the Cell Contact System (CCS).ENNOVI selected polyethylene tephthalate (PET) insulation sheets and adhesives from several suppliers, testing them for their adhesive strength, durability and environmental impact. Through this research, ENNOVI has a database of recommendations for the most effective material combinations, bypassing the trial-and-error approach that has long been the rule in the industry.

Until now, assembling the CCS onto battery cells has relied on cumbersome methods, including molded plastic trays and foams for positioning. While effective for positioning cells and collectors, these methods introduce unnecessary weight and complexity, particularly as module sizes increase. Recognizing the limitations of traditional practices, ENNOVI pioneered the use of hot and cold lamination processes, eliminating the need for trays or foams. By recommending combinations of lamination materials, the company offers OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers a streamlined and more adaptable solution.

Our move to rolling constitutes a major advance in our ability to position collectors precisely, without the mechanical constraints imposed by conventional methods, explained Till Wagner, product manager for energy systems at ENNOVI. By selecting a database of ready-made PET sheets and adhesives, we not only accelerate the design of the CCS, but also simplify the assembly process, which opens up new opportunities for material and energy savings .

The repercussions of ENNOVI’s advances in rolling are considerable. The company’s ability to offer hot or cold rolling processes puts it in a unique position in the market, providing increased flexibility and efficiency to global OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers. By optimizing the selection of PET sheets and adhesives, ENNOVI improves the structural integrity and lifespan of EV battery modules while reducing manufacturing cycle time and environmental footprint.

As the industry moves toward more sustainable and efficient manufacturing practices, ENNOVI innovations are poised to lead the next generation of EV battery module design and assembly. The company focuses on methods that reduce or eliminate the need for glue, thereby addressing concerns about longevity, environmental impact and manufacturing efficiency. Our goal is to go beyond traditional adhesives, leveraging cutting-edge techniques to achieve a stronger, more durable bond, Wagner said.

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ENNOVI, a mobility electrification solutions partner, is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of customized interconnection solutions and high-precision systems for electric vehicles. The company is entirely dedicated to the mobility market and has the agility to quickly respond to the needs of electric vehicle OEMs, whether in terms of products, processes or manufacturing, on a global scale. . ENNOVI accelerates the realization of customer ideas and requirements in the electric vehicle market through end-to-end skills in battery platforms, power supply and signal interconnection. ENNOVI, headquartered in Singapore, has more than 8,000 employees across 15 locations worldwide, where all its activities are socially responsible and have minimal impact on the environment. ENNOVI. electrify more quickly. To find out more, visit the websitewww.ennovi.com.

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