Euro 2024: Murat Yakin: “For me, the Swiss team is the priority”

Euro 2024: Murat Yakin: “For me, the Swiss team is the priority”
Euro 2024: Murat Yakin: “For me, the Swiss team is the priority”

Murat Yakin: “For me, the Swiss team is the priority”

In a press conference on Sunday, the coach and the director of the national teams Pierluigi Tami expressed their desire to continue together. But the future of the Swiss team will be written in the coming days.

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As a metaphor, the Gazi-Stadion grass already looks like it has turned yellow. As if it had stopped being maintained, because everything is over. The Swiss team will no longer train in Stuttgart, its Euro 2024 ended on Saturday with this cruel elimination on penalties against England in Düsseldorf.

On Sunday, at midday, coach Murat Yakin, national team director Pierluigi Tami and ASF president Dominique Blanc came to take a last look, to take stock of this tournament that no one expected. “We are sad and proud at the same time,” said Dominique Blanc. “Our team has shown that it can be proud of something in a very beautiful way. Tournament after tournament, we see that this team is learning, progressing and that it is capable of achieving results against the best.”

With Contini?

Except that the stakes are now elsewhere: will the next tournaments, and in particular the 2026 World Cup, be played with Murat Yakin, whose contract is now up? “I have achieved all my objectives,” the coach claimed. “I am not someone who works according to a contract, but according to trust and my feelings. We had said that we would talk after the Euro. For me, the Swiss team is the priority, I have no discussions with other clubs. We will see what comes out of the discussions.”

Yakin is also the ASF’s priority, Pierluigi Tami has already stated. “We have already set a meeting with Murat, and our goal is to settle all this by the end of the week,” said the director of the national teams. In other words, the wills seem to exist on both sides.

But why is everything not settled yet? “It depends on the discussions now, on what I feel,” says Yakin. And he adds: “If I continue, then I would like it to be with Giorgio Contini.” Because his deputy has been crucial in the recovery of the last few months.


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