First in the ranking, these 6 stages of the 2024 Tour de France cross breathtaking landscapes

Beyond the sporting competition, the Tour de France is also a fantastic opportunity to discover the beauty and diversity of the French and European landscapes. For this 111th edition which will start in Florence, Italy on June 29 and end in Nice on July 21, we have selected for you the 6 essential steps offering exceptional panoramas:

  • San Marino
  • Rimini
  • Embrun
  • Cantal volcanoes
  • The Beille plateau
  • Pont d’Arc

Step 1: San Marino, a microstate with enchanting landscapes

A small republic nestled between Italy and the Adriatic coast, San Marino offers spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and the sea. You will be dazzled by its medieval hilltop villages and its impregnable fortresses which proudly dominate the hills.

Step 2: Rimini, an Italian seaside resort with irresistible charm

On the Italian Adriatic coast, Rimini is a popular destination for beach lovers and lovers of the dolce vita. Its rich historical heritageits fine sandy beaches and coastal landscapes will delight spectators of the 2024 Tour de France.

Step 3: Embrun, a green setting in the heart of the Alps

Located in the Hautes-Alpes, Embrun offers an exceptional natural setting with its mountains, lakes and forests. You can contemplate the Lake Serre-Ponçona true Alpine gem, while following the exploits of the cyclists.

Step 4: The Cantal volcanoes, an immersion in the Massif Central

In Cantal, the Cantal volcanoes offer a fascinating geological spectacle. The passage of the 2024 Tour de France in this region will allow spectators to discover varied volcanic landscapesfrom green valleys to steep peaks.

Stage 5: The Beille plateau, a paradise for climbers

Located in the Ariège Pyrenees, the Beille plateau is a must-see site for climbing enthusiasts. A real challenge for the cyclists of the 2024 Tour de France who will have to climb this mythical pass while enjoying breathtaking panoramas.

Step 6: The Pont d’Arc, a natural wonder on the banks of the Ardèche

Finally, the Pont d’Arc is an emblematic site of the Ardèche department. This natural arch, formed by erosion, offers a majestic setting for spectators who will watch the riders of the 2024 Tour de France pass over the winding banks of the Ardèche.

Each of these stages promises an unforgettable experience for both riders and spectators. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to travel through France and Italy through new and spectacular landscapes during the 2024 Tour de France!



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