More than a triumph: Tadej Pogacar, the godfather of the Giro

Rarely in 21st century cycling has a rider dominated a grand tour so much. Wearing the pink jersey since the second day, Tadej Pogacar has never been worried by anyone on this Giro. Wasn’t his fall towards Oropa, more ridiculous than anything else, ultimately the hottest moment of the last three weeks? A comfortable leader, “Pogi” was able to place himself in an unusual position, above the fray to analyze the race but also to decide the fate of this or that rider.

There was actually not one but two “Pogi” on this Giro. The former built a comfortable lead to ensure that yes, he was two, three, four or five legs above his opponents. After two stages, the Slovenian already had a lead of 45 seconds and more than 2’30” after a week. All that remained was to avoid accidents and have fun. The second, with the certainty of a final victory, placed himself as the boss of the race.

One, two, three, four, five… and six

Since his personal tradition of triple stage victories on each of the first four grand tours of his career had been shattered on the last Tour de France (two successes “only”), the pink jersey increased the score to six in Italy . Oropa, the day of the tribute to Marco Pantani, the time because it was necessary to slap the competition, Livigno at the end of the queen stage and finally Bassano del Grappa to conclude it all, Pogacar won where he wanted and did not deny two other successes, in Prati di Tivo and Santa Cristina Valgardena. One, two, three, four, five he counted on his fingers before adding a sixth victory. Very rarely seen at this level.

And five: The ogre Pogacar does it again in Val Gardena

Why not more? Because we shouldn’t overexcite a public that quickly waves the flag of suspicion? Without a doubt. Because we shouldn’t alienate the peloton too much, too. Valentin Paret-Peintre, Julian Alaphilippe or Andrea Vendrame were able to win. Georg Steinhauser too. The German also had the good taste to share the same agent as the boss of the Italian peloton.

Pogacar, his friends and his power

Was it therefore a coincidence to have heard Pogacar congratulate him for his great performance towards Livigno, a few days before his victory? The latter had confessed “to wish“that Steinhauser could win, while arguing that he himself had to dig in on his opponents, almost apologizing for having had to catch up with him and put him down, forgetting in the process that Nairo Quintana was still in front and that the German was not going to don’t raise your arms anyway.

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Pogacar: “I have just won a dream stage”

Was it still a coincidence when he said that Antonio Tiberi was the only one to “have balls” among the Top 10 overall, promising him a bright future in the Giro and beyond? The young Italian, until now known by his nickname “cat killer”, has made a name for himself and in this Pogi has made it a little helped. It must be said that Alex Carrera, Pogacar’s agent, also defends the interests of the transalpine talent… Same thing for Giulio Pellizzari on the 16th stage “Pogi” seemed to hesitate to catch up with him then wanted to do so. take it in your wheel We are ready to give it as gifts when we are part of the same circle…

Romain Bardet is not so lucky and when his team rolled to send him to victory, the boss did not agree. The Frenchman saw the pink jersey jump in his wheel and attributed this action that few understood to the overflowing appetite of his rival. Pogacar gives gifts, but he decides when and especially to whom. Since no one had dominated a great player so much, no one had had the power of Pogacar on this Tour of Italy and “Pogi” had decided to use it.

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We don’t move: Pogacar didn’t let Bardet out



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