“The Flamanville power station is finally back on track”

INTERVIEW – The start-up of a third reactor will not, however, allow EDF to make up for the delay caused by the errors made under François Hollande and… Emmanuel Macron.

This article comes from “Figaro Magazine”

The French nuclear industry will remember the date of Wednesday May 8, 2024. Because it will be that of a new beginning. That day we will in fact have started loading fuel into a brand new power station which will produce its full power at the end of this year: the third reactor at Flamanville, in the Manche region. A power of 1650 megawatts, the highest of all our reactors. Until then, we had only seen arrests and demolitions. From that of Superphénix, on December 30, 1998, to that of the two 900 megawatt reactors of Fessenheim, on February 21, 2020.

We only had 56 reactors left in operation. And we wanted to continue to remove them. The Matignon press release, signed by Édouard Philippe, Prime Minister, and his Minister of Ecological Transition, Élisabeth Borne, gave meaning to the closure of Fessenheim by saying that it was “the first step in France’s energy strategy”… Two years…

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