Vandalism against Northvolt | We must “drive out” the “barbarians”, says Fitzgibbon

Vandalism against Northvolt | We must “drive out” the “barbarians”, says Fitzgibbon
Vandalism against Northvolt | We must “drive out” the “barbarians”, says Fitzgibbon

(Quebec) The acts of vandalism against Northvolt are the work of “barbarians” who “must be driven out,” says the Minister of Economy and Energy, Pierre Fitzgibbon.

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Monday morning, two incendiary objects were discovered under the tires of one or more construction machines, leading to the interruption of work for the day on the site straddling Saint-Basile-le-Grand and McMasterville where Northvolt undertook the construction of a giga-battery factory.

The two objects, initially presented as “homemade bombs” in a press release from the multinational, were allegedly placed during the weekend.

Read the text “Northvolt and subcontractor targeted by vandals”

These were bottles filled with a flammable liquid “attached to fairly rudimentary ignition mechanisms which, fortunately, thank God, did not work”, declared the president and chief executive officer (CEO) of Northvolt North America, Paolo Cerruti, during a press briefing on the site.

These containers did not have the capacity to explode, indicated to The Press police sources.

These acts of vandalism have not yet been claimed.

During a press scrum in parliament on Tuesday, Pierre Fiztgibbon associated them with “barbarism”. Because they “play with people’s security”, “they are barbarians. We must chase them away,” he argued.

“There are people who are campaigning against the project. It’s correct. They have the right to militate. People who commit barbaric acts are not acceptable. »

These actions are not proof that opposition to the project is hardening, according to him. “It’s a project that is very accepted,” he argued. “The people at Northvolt know that Quebecers want this project. »

Pierre Fitzgibbon reiterated that the project is “very important and very good” for Quebec. He does not believe that this episode will cool investors. “Barbarism is not widespread. Barbarians, several countries have them. We have a few, we will hope to hunt them. I think that Quebec still offers a lot of attractions,” he said.

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