The ULB campus occupied by students to denounce the “ongoing genocide in Gaza”: “This is our last resort”

Since Tuesday morning, students have occupied a building in Solbosch, at the Free University of Brussels. Their objective: to denounce the “ongoing genocide in Gaza” and call on the ULB authorities to break “immediately and unequivocally all forms of collaboration with academic institutions and Zionist companies which participate in the systematic oppression of the Palestinian people” .

From 10:00 a.m., Palestinian flags and groups of students began to flock to the K plain, opposite Building B. This is where around a hundred students decided to settle until further notice. The mobilization echoes the movement to occupy universities around the world, particularly in the United States.. “We are asking the ULB to stop all partnerships and all links with Zionist universities and companies”explains one of the organizers of this movement in Brussels. “We have been carrying out actions and protests for months and months but nothing has changed. This is our last resort. We implore the university to agree to stop all connections with these institutes .” These “institutes” include Thales, a group specializing in electronics for aerospace and defense. The student protesters are also demanding more transparency from the ULB on its connections with Israel.

Around 8 p.m., a slightly larger gathering is expected to protest the threat of expulsion from the rectorate. Management could come on site in the evening to discuss with the students.

Students who received support from other student groups, but also from professors. Belgian students who could stay until their demands are heard, but above all applied.

Against the “systematic oppression of the Palestinian people”

“After more than seven months of genocide and 76 years of uninterrupted nakba, the student community unifies in a movement of solidarity and convergence”has explained “the popular university of Brussels” in a press release.

The student movement demands that the ULB authorities “immediately and unequivocally break off all forms of collaboration with Zionist academic institutions and businesses that participate in the systematic oppression of the Palestinian people in Palestine.”

Two other demands are added to the first, to savoir “transparency regarding any collaborative link that the university maintains with Israel, as well as the immediate cancellation of the visit of the former Israeli ambassador (in France, Editor’s note) – invited by the rector of the ULB, Annemie Schaus – on our campus during a conference on June 3”explained a ULB student.

“As the Israeli army bombs Rafah and prepares to invade it, intense repression is falling on campus occupations, particularly in the United States and in France. We affirm all our support for our comrades and consider the reaction of universities and Western states as an act of solidarity of the latter with the Israeli colonial project”underlined the student movement in a press release.

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