Should we end the series?

Should we end the series?
Should we end the series?

INTERVIEW – In his essay Empty on demand, published by Éditions L’Échappée, the philosopher Bertrand Cochard develops a radical critique of series consumed on video-on-demand platforms.

Bertrand Cochard is an associate professor and doctor of philosophy. He has just published “ Empty on demand. Criticism of the series » published by Éditions L’Échappée.

LE FIGARO. – Works devoted to series often depict them as a “ tool of political emancipation » or even a “ therapeutic tool “. Is this linked to a desire of elites, academics or journalists, to over-intellectualize this object to distinguish themselves from the mass? ?

BERTRAND COCHARD. – Most people who write about shows don’t watch them. In all the works that defend the emancipatory virtues of series, there is among academics something of the order of the projection of their own theoretical activity. They see a series through the prism of gender issues, feminism or racism only because they themselves work on this issue.

By infantilizing the spectator, by telling him what to think, we break with the critical tradition

Bertrand Cochard

The spectator is sometimes perceived by certain academics as being incapable of understanding the levers at work in a production. By infantilizing…

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