Claudine, Elise and Yann on a “very ugly” rape case – Un si grand soleil May 28, 2024 (episode 1404 – full summary)

Claudine helps the complainant come and file a complaint

Find the full summary of Such a big sun episode 1404 broadcast on France 2 on Tuesday May 28, 2024 at 8:45 p.m. (see the advance summaries of Un si grand soleil archived per week)

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Everything you need to know about episode 1404 of Un si grand soleil from May 28, 2024, all the complete points in relation to the intrigues.

Becker asks Janet to save this Wednesday evening for his birthday. He has a surprise in store for her.

Becker such a big sun

Becker prepares a nice surprise for Janet

Elisabeth’s marriage and Claire’s worries

Elisabeth has found a sober and refined place for the castle…but if people drink too much, it will be difficult for them to return.
In the evening, Florent talks to Claire about the outcome of the Aguerra affair, she is not interested. She says she’s not very hungry and decides to go to bed. Florent is sad.
Claire admits that Kira has left an abysmal void, even if Florent makes an effort…she finds that something is missing.

Janet such a great sun

Janet in the middle of a yoga session, the calm before the storm in her relationship?

New rape case

Aurélie Sauveur advised a young woman (played by Elsa de Belilovsky) to file a complaint because she was the victim of rape. She confides in Claudine. She was hired by an insurance brokerage company and she dated the boss Baptiste. At first he was very nice then he became very jealous. She broke up but he didn’t agree…he harassed her on the phone.
The boss wanted to come to the young woman’s house, she agreed…to clear things up but that evening he raped her.

picard such a big sun

Picard absolutely wants to corner this well-known Baptiste in the police

Claudine and arrive at the police station, Elise registers the complaint. The young woman is depressed…and the boss fired her. Claudine decided to take the young woman on pro-bono. Johanna says that in this type of case, the battle is often lost in advance. Claudine replies “not this time”.

Baptiste such a big sun

Baptiste the aggressor insurance broker

Elise talks to Yann about the rape case, he joins her on this case. Baptiste the attacker is summoned to the police station.
Picard announces to Becker that this Baptiste Joussan (played by Rodolphe Couthouis – this actor played Grégory Auclair-Vallorta in Tomorrow Belongs to Us) was accused of sexual touching and harassment: the complainants always ended up withdrawing the complaints. One of the complainants, Justine, even committed suicide… Picard doesn’t want this scum to get away with it again

A great sun

New case for Claudine, she is determined to make the attacker pay

Painful end for the Aguerra affair

Anne such a big sun

Anne and Arnaud meet again

Thaïs wants to go to high school to avoid dwelling on things. Anthony is stressed, he is afraid for his daughter. Maeva arrives at the pizzeria, she comes to pick up Thaïs.

maeva such a big sun

Maeva takes Thaïs under her wing for her return to high school

Elisabeth such a great sun

Elisabeth beams at the idea of ​​her wedding

An Anne Aguerra / Arnaud confrontation takes place at the police station: Anne tries to understand, because it hurts her…she considered Arnaud a bit like her son. She finds it hard to believe that he killed her father. Arnaud says that Philippe was sick because of her. Arnaud is convinced that Anne manipulated Philippe: it was because of her that he killed Philippe… to punish her.

Thaïs comes to see Anne, she thanks her for speaking to the police. Anne hopes that Philippe died without knowing because he adored his son. Anne takes Thaïs in her arms while crying.

Anthony such a great sun

Anthony Collignon is reassured to see that his daughter is not alone

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To be continued on full summary Such great sunshine for Wednesday May 29, 2024 (episode 1405) on France 2.

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