Soraya, Kendji Girac’s companion, delivers her version for the first time

Soraya, Kendji Girac’s companion, delivers her version for the first time
Soraya, Kendji Girac’s companion, delivers her version for the first time

Following the singer’s accident on April 22, his partner gave an interview to Parisian, this Sunday, May 6, to “reestablish certain truths.” She denounces the media coverage and delivers her version of the facts.

In less than two weeks, she went from shadow to light. On April 22, his destiny changed when his companion Kendji Girac was shot in the chest in their caravan. A few days later, the public prosecutor of Mont-de-Marsan declared during a conference that it was “a deliberate shooting” to “simulate a suicide”. His comments caused a media frenzy. Since then, Soraya’s name has been plastered everywhere: sometimes depicted as a victim of psychological violence, sometimes as a black widow. While the singer continues his convalescence, his companion emerges from the silence in the columns of Parisian this Sunday, May 6, to “reestablish certain truths.”

After first giving news of the singer, still “very tired”, Soraya confides in her own morale. “I’m doing relatively well, at least as well as I can be after what happened. I still almost lost him, and my daughter almost lost her father,” she said. But to add: “I cannot allow false things to be said and written about Kendji or our couple. Elements of my private life were disclosed without my consent, or even transformed.”

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Remaining very discreet during all these years, Soraya says she cannot recover from all this overexposure. “I suffer from it, because I never wanted it and still don’t want it (…) I hope it will stop quickly now. Seeing his name, his face in the media like that, it’s very oppressive.” And to continue: “Fortunately, I was surrounded by my family, his too and my friends. I have, thank God, a lot of kindness around me. It’s very hard to explain this feeling. It’s like I’m in a nightmare.”

The evening of the accident

Secondly, Soraya wanted to return to the contours of the accident. First, she confides that the two of them were not in the same room that evening. “I just heard the sound of the cupboards, the gunshot. I rushed and when I saw him injured, it was a shock. “Time stopped, it was like the world was collapsing, and I went out to get help,” she continued. Furthermore, while several media outlets declared that Soraya had left France the day after her statement to the police, she responded: “That is completely false. I was in the hospital with him, and I stayed by his side the whole time. Since leaving the hospital, we have been together with our daughter, obviously (…) I don’t understand how such information could have been published.

In this slump, others also described her as very angry with the interpreter ofAndalusian, after – therefore – that the latter allegedly “blackmailed him into suicide”. Then again, she retorted, “I’ve never been angry. At first I was very afraid for his life, in shock, then stressed and incomprehension, but never angry. And to assure: “Kendji never blackmailed me into suicide, let things be clear. It never existed. I never suffered the slightest violence whatsoever from him. I am categorical. He is incapable of it. How can we make such speculations? I want to set the record straight, everything that has been said is surreal.”

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A man of “infinite kindness”

The one who describes herself as a “woman of character” emphasizes the tenderness of those who share her life. “He is a romantic man, in everyday life, a very kind person. He is a sun, a very good dad with infinite tenderness. A man filled with love (…) Everyone around him knows it (…) He is incapable of harming anyone, except ultimately himself.” Soraya thus half-heartedly evokes the real reason why Kendji could have taken a pistol that evening: “He had been in a bad situation for several months, we were talking about it, I know he will overcome it and I will be there. its ratings. He is shocked that he has inflicted so much harm on himself.”

Faced with her speech, Soraya finally urged the press to stop the machine and to respect their private lives from now on. “I am saddened to see all this unpacking in the media, these untruths. It is the antithesis of our values. I have never spoken out until now, and I hope that the media will respect our choice of discretion. I sincerely want to return to anonymity,” she concluded.



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