A last minute change announced, Matt Pokora’s wife involved

A last minute change announced, Matt Pokora’s wife involved
A last minute change announced, Matt Pokora’s wife involved

New twist for Kendji Girac. After escaping a tragedy that almost cost him his life, the French singer must now give up an event on the Croisette that he was impatiently awaiting. He gives way to Christina Milian, Mr. Pokora’s wife.

Clearly, 2024 is not the year of Kendji Girac. On Monday April 22, the 27-year-old young man was shot while trying to simulate suicide in front of his wife Soraya. Following this tragedy which took place in a traveler camp in the Landes, an investigation into attempted intentional homicide was opened, in particular to find out why Kenji Girac possessed a weapon. Today, he is out of danger and is resting at the Haut-Lévêque University Hospital in Pessac, near Bordeaux.

If his fans say they are reassured, they nevertheless remain very worried: Will he be able to sing again? What will be the consequences on his career? One thing is certain, Kendji Girac must give up an event that he has been impatiently awaiting for several weeks: the “Global Gift Foundation” charity gala evening in Cannes, on May 19.

Kendji gives up his place to Mr. Pokora’s wife

The hit singer Andalusian is close to the humanitarian foundation, which helps women and children in situations of vulnerability and at risk of social exclusion. Every year, he goes to the evening to sing with his friend, Eva Longoria, but this time, he has to give up his place.

Although there was no official announcement, the artist was indeed replaced at the last minute by Christina Milian, who is none other than Mr. Pokora’s wife. Indeed, on the foundation and ticket office website, we can see the face of…

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