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Did “The Fantastic Three”, with Raphaël Quenard, win over the first curious people? We take stock with AlloCiné viewer reviews.

Released in theaters on May 15, Fantastic Three tells the story of Max, Vivian and Tom, 13 years old. These are inseparable. This start of summer is full of upheavals: the last factory in their small town in the Ardennes closes while Seb, Max’s big brother, is released from prison. His schemes will gradually lead the three teenagers into a fall that seems inevitable…

Were the first spectators of the drama by Michaël Dichter won over? We take stock using the AlloCiné spectator ratings. With a score of 3.7 (average of 128 ratings as of May 16 at 4 p.m.), The Fantastic Three was generally appreciated, with ratings mainly between 3 and 5 stars.

What do the spectators think?

“The Fantastic Three is extremely successful, from the script to the image, from the impeccable performance of the performers to the music, which took me by the guts at the end… including the costumes, the sets. A film full of energy “entrusts flag-admiral.

Cinéphile44 is also won over: “More than a teen movie, this story of friendship also borders on the thriller genre and social cinema to better emphasize the notion of loyalty. The excellent Emmanuelle Bercot And Raphaël Quenard are in the cast of Fantastic Three, and yet, they are Diego Murgia, Jean Devie And Benjamin Tellier which burst the screen. This trio of 13-year-olds will blow your mind.”

A nugget?

“A little little, this film!”underlines wiipii. “I loved being surprised, manhandled, clinging to my seat! I feared that it was a French naturalist drama, we are far from that. It is a film that American independent cinema would be proud to count in its ranks. teenagers are very well managed.”

For Albertpoggi55, Fantastic Three is “such a surprising film. It’s extremely pleasant! Lately, I see so many hyper-calibrated films, always the same… Here, it’s quite the opposite: we are taken, we are taken along, we are surprised and moved. Honestly, for a first film, it’s really not bad.”

If the majority of opinions are positive, some discordant voices are heard, like that of Traversay1.

Lack of breath?

“If the teenage actors are perfect, their elders, despite all the talent of Raphaël Quenard and Emmanuelle Bercot, have difficulty bringing characters into existence that are far too schematic to adhere to. By moving away from its original genre, The Fantastic Three looks like an intrepid attempt but the ingredients do not work with the same acuity and are difficult to combine.”

For her part, Perlimpinpine missed the film: “What did Emmanuelle Bercot and Raphaël Quenard do in this mess? Scenario with unbearable twists and turns, poorly acted, too much music, half-covered subjects. It just made me want to eat spaghetti!”

“I was a little disappointed, despite the talent of Raphael Quenard and Emmanuelle Bercot. The young actors were present, but I missed a breath. The Ardennes, which I knew, were touched upon, the plot is convoluted and sometimes implausible, the teenagers are not very endearing”estimates Virginie M.

Fantastic Three was released in theaters on May 15, if you want to judge.



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