Superman by James Gunn: a first image of David Corenswet in the Man of Steel costume

Superman by James Gunn: a first image of David Corenswet in the Man of Steel costume
Superman by James Gunn: a first image of David Corenswet in the Man of Steel costume

While the filming of Supermanfirst chapter of the new DCU headed by James Gunn and Peter Safran, continues to move forward for a release of the film announced in 2025, the look of David Corenswet in the skin of the Kryptonian has just been revealed.

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The new Superman

This first photo, captured by photographer Jessica Miglio on the set of the feature film, was shared by director James Gunn and shows Corenswet putting on (or adjusting) Superman’s boots.

While a battle appears to be raging in the skies of Metropolis behind him, the Man of Steel is not shown fighting or striking a heroic pose, but more simply about to take action. .

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David Corenswet in the Superman by James Gunn.

©Jessica Miglio

Examining the image a little closer, we also see that this costume is rather dirty, suggesting that Superman has already been busy. The same goes for the logo on his chest, a first image of which had already been posted online by Gunn and which seems inspired by the acclaimed comic Kingdom Come by Mark Waid and Alex Ross, published in 1996.

The image does not allow us to observe it precisely, but it also seems that this Superman is wearing a belt, which could indicate a return of his famous red briefs, which had disappeared from the costume of the version of the character played by Henry Cavill between 2013 and 2023 (but what Brandon Routh and Christopher Reeve wore well in their eras).

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The Superman costume in Man of Steel.

© Warner Bros.

By playing Clark Kent/Superman in Gunn’s film, David Corenswet landed his first major role in a blockbuster. The 30-year-old actor was previously seen on television, in Ryan Murphy’s Netflix series Hollywood And The Politician, For example. But judging by this first image, it looks like the Man of Steel costume fits him like a glove.

It now remains to discover the look of the other characters of this Superman. As a reminder, Rachel Brosnahan (The Fabulous Mrs. Maisel) lends his features to Lois Lane while Nicholas Hoult (The Great) plays Lex Luthor.

Written and directed by Gunn, this Supermanexpected in cinemas on July 9, 2025, will tell the adventures of a hero “seeking balance between his Kryptonian heritage and his human upbringing“, and will mark the beginning of the new DC Universe.

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