An ambitious plan to welcome 80 million passengers by 2035

An ambitious plan to welcome 80 million passengers by 2035
An ambitious plan to welcome 80 million passengers by 2035

Morocco, a popular destination hosting prestigious events every year, is preparing to double the capacity of its airports to reach 80 million passengers by 2035, a significant jump from the current 40 million travelers.

Minister of Transport Mohamed Abdeljalil made the announcement today during the opening of the 28th General Assembly of the Arab Civil Aviation Organization, an event bringing together officials from around the world to discuss various topics related to technology, aviation, cyber security, as well as the impact of air transport on the environment.

During the event, Abdeljalil stressed that efforts to increase the capacity of Moroccan airports are part of the country’s preparations to host the 2030 World Cup. This ambitious project includes the renovation of existing airports, the development of air navigation equipment, and the improvement of air connectivity, particularly through low-cost flight options.

Royal Air Maroc’s Ambitions

As part of these efforts, Royal Air Maroc aims to quadruple its fleet by 2037, with the intention of transforming Casablanca’s Mohammed V International Airport into a major intercontinental hub. This expansion aims to strengthen Morocco’s position as a nerve center for air transport in Africa and beyond.

Abdeljalil also highlighted Morocco’s efforts to maintain cyber security and promote digital transformation in the field of international civil aviation. The country has achieved an impressive rate of 85.25% in civil aviation safety and security, in line with the recommendations of the International Civil Aviation Organization.

Strengthening Air Connectivity

The Kingdom continues to sign and renew air service agreements with various countries, increasing its air connectivity. These agreements help increase direct connections and facilitate international travel, which strengthens Morocco’s attractiveness as a tourist destination and business center.

This strategy aims to attract more tourists and boost the national economy. In 2023, Morocco welcomed more than 14.5 million tourists, demonstrating its growing success as a destination of choice. The Moroccan government, in collaboration with stakeholders in the tourism sector, has implemented initiatives to promote the country internationally, develop quality infrastructure and offer a unique experience to visitors.

Morocco’s ambitious goal is to welcome 26 million tourists by 2030. To achieve this figure, the country is banking on diversifying its tourism offering, from sunny beaches to snow-capped mountains, including world-renowned cultural and historical sites. Efforts also include developing sustainable tourism and improving services to meet the expectations of modern travelers.

The Moroccan airports development project represents a crucial step for the country, not only in terms of passenger capacity but also as a driver of economic growth and infrastructure modernization. With bold initiatives and ambitious goals, Morocco is firmly on the path to becoming a key player in the field of international civil aviation.



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